12 most beautiful women in INDONESIA

12 most beautiful women in INDONESIA

Women nowadays is pretty gorgeous and crossed my mind of "the child who's really pretty right". Jaman more advanced and many cosmetics that have been found. with the help of make-up can make a woman more beautiful today than the original. The addition of eyelashes or other makeup tools make increasingly more beautiful face to be seen. Have you ever looked in the mirror and say "I turned out pretty well yes". Phrase that always comes up when we look in the mirror now how the opinions of others. , .? is it same, ?. but the heart is still the number 1 idol hehe.

There are so many beautiful women in Indonesia like luna, nabila jkt48 and others. Well this info on the most beautiful women in Indonesia. Next.

1. Raisa andriana

Raisa Andriana (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 6, 1990, age 24 years) is an Indonesian singer. He became known after the song titled Serba Salah. Before singing solo, Raisa is a band formed by vocalist Kevin Aprilio bernamaAndante.

2. Nabila jkt48

Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (born in Jakarta, 11 November 1999; age 15 years) is an Indonesian singer and actor who is a member of idol group JKT48. He originally was the youngest member among members JKT48, but the arrival of a new member of the 3rd Generation JKT48 made him the youngest member is not anymore, because a lot of the younger ones. As a featured member, Nabilah always included in all singles JKT48.

3. Syahrini

Syahrini or real name Rini Fatimah Jilani (born in Bogor, August 1st, 1982, age 32 years) is an Indonesian actress penyanyidan. Syahrini underwent his childhood in Sukabumi. Syahrini first album is My Lovely was released in 2008. Before releasing his first album, he used to sing for the film Chocolate Strawberries compilation album with the title song "Love's gaze"

4. raline shah

Raline shah (born in Jakarta, March 4, 1985, age 29 years) is an Indonesian actress bloody Malay. He is known as being one of the finalists of Miss Indonesia 2008 and became terfaforit daughter. [2] After that, a lot of deals in the entertainment world that he has received, among others, be to show Kitchen beib Global TV, commercials, as well as acting. He got his higher education from the National University of Singapore in the field of political science, and holds a degree in Political B.AScience and New Media & Communications (Hons).

5. Maudy Ayunda

Ayunda Faza Maudya (born in Jakarta, December 19, 1994, age 19 years) is an Indonesian actress.

6. Sandra goddess

Sandra Dewi (born in Louth, August 8, 1983; age 31) is an Indonesian actress. He is also known as a brand ambassador several products both in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

7. Chelsea islan

Chelsea Elizabeth Islan (born in the United States, June 2, 1995, age 19 years) is an American actress. He first played in the main movie like Refrain. In addition to its own base in the theater world, the role is not much different from his private life.

8. Melody jkt 48

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (メ ロ デ ィ ー · ヌ ラ ム ダ ニ · ラ ク サ ニ?) (Born March 24, 1992, age 22 years) or familiar dipanggilMelody is a member JKT48 from Bandung, Indonesia. Melody has a sister who also joined in JKT48 named Frieska Anastasia Laksani. Melody is currently still studying S-1 at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padjadjaran.

9. Jessika Iskandar

Jessica Iskandar (born in Jakarta, January 29, 1988; age 26 years) is Indonesian actress.

10. Luna maya

Luna Maya (born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983; age 31) is a soap opera actress and feature films Indonesia who started his career as an advertising and catwalk model.

11. Ariel Tatum

Ariel Tatum (born in Jakarta, November 8, 1996; age 18) is an actress of soap operas and movies Indonesia. He started his career as an advertising model

12. Pevita Pearce

Pevita Pearce (born in Jakarta, October 6, 1992; age 22) is an actress and movie player player Indonesia. He is known through the film denias (2006) as Angel. The film is the first experience in acting in movies Pevita first big screen after he had a role in the soap opera Mutiara Hati as Tara.

12 most beautiful women in Indonesia in 2016 and I'm sure you know the person. Thank you for taking the time to read my article entitled 12 most beautiful women in Indonesia hopefully this article can help in the same way, thanks.

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