15 MODEL AND SOUTH KOREA prettiest world's sexiest 2017

15 MODEL AND SOUTH KOREA prettiest world's sexiest 2017

K-Pop industry is one of the largest entertainment industry in the world. Each year, there are hundreds of films produced, hundreds of singles released, and hundreds of products that display advertising. Of course, commodity K-Pop is not separated from the existence of the South Korean model known beautiful, sexy, and of course talented.

In this article, Top10Artis will discuss the name of 15 beautiful models South Korea. They not only appeared on the catwalk or into commercials in various media, but also has a variety of other talents that support their career in the entertainment world such as acting, singing, and dancing.

15. Lee Yo-won

Beautiful, tall and elegant. Physical appearance is slim and graceful face that makes Lee Yo-won very successful at being a model. He started his career in 1997 with starring in various television commercials. At that time, Lee was still in high school, but it did not hinder his intention to exist in the world of entertainment. His success is increasingly recognized as a model when she won the "Special Awards" in the Asian Model Festival Awards.

14. Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun is a young actress born in 1989 who also works as a model. He is known for his role in the drama "Boys Over Flowers" which makes winning the award for Best Actress Awards in 2009. Her success as an actress makes Kim got an offer to perform at various fashion magazines as well as being commercials for various beauty products internationally.

13. Kim Hye-soo

Kim Hye-soo is one of the celebrities who now could be categorized as a senior figure in the K-Pop industry. He debuted as an actress in 1986, when he was a grade one high school. Slowly but surely, Kim appeared in various types of film and starting to be recognized as one of South Korea's elite celebrities. Although today he is aged over 40 years, Kim still looks beautiful, sexy, and they often show the beauty of the body as a model.

12. Yoon Eun-hye

Yoon Eun-hye is known as one of the prettiest South Korean singer of all time. Not only as a singer, a woman who is also a very successful career as a model and actress. The best achievement as a model he achieved in 2008 when working in an international event organized by Chanel. There, Yoon as a model representative of South Korea, along with many supermodels from various countries.

11. Shin Min-a

Prior to a career as an actress drama, Shin Min-a have first as a teen model. This beautiful girl debuted in South Korean entertainment industry in 1999 by starring in various commercials and appeared in a photo shoot fashion and lifestyle magazines. He has also made several appearances in music videos some of the most popular South Korean boy band at the time. Her face is cute and sweet makes Shin Min-a always look stunning every time as a model.

10. Kim Tae-hee

Best Career Kim Tae-hee as a model when she was chosen as the brand ambassador of LG, a South Korean electronic products are very popular all over the world. Not only that, he also has starred in at least 20 television drama that largely won numerous awards at the Korean Film Festival. Besides LG, Kim Tae-hee also became a brand ambassador and spokeperson for other products such as Samsung, Toyota, and Olympus.

9. Han Ji-hye

This one actress who began her career in the entertainment world as a model of South Korea. One of the best achievements he achieved in 2001, in which the succeeding Han was awarded the Special Prize in the Korean Supermodel contest. Its success performed brilliantly in the contest makes Han got many offers to star in plays and films. Not only that, since 2008, Han has also been actively releasing singles and sang the soundtrack of Korean television dramas.

8. Gong Hyo-jin

Born in 1980, Gong Hyo-jin has been actively performing as an advertising model since she was 19 years old. He spent his teenage years in Australia, following her parents who are required to work in the country. After graduating high school, Gong decided to return to South Korea and pursue a career as an entertainer. The decision turned out to be very precise, because now Gong Hyo-jin is known as one of the most successful female entertainers in the K-Pop industry.

7. Ko So-young

Ko So-young was born in 1972 and already is active in South Korean entertainment industry since 1992. He is known for having a beautiful face, a beautiful body, and has a very graceful demeanor. This makes many people consider Ko So-young is the ideal picture of South Korean women. In addition to starring in dozens of television dramas, so far as he has acted in nine films.

6. Kim Sa-rang

Looks like inserting Kim Sa-rang in the list of 15 South Korean model of the prettiest in the world is a very appropriate decision. He is the winner of Miss Korea beauty contest in 2000 and already has a very high experience in modeling. Not only beautiful and sexy, Kim Sa-rang is also known as a celebrity intelligent and active in various social activities. Just like most of the other K-Pop actress, this artist also had acted in several television dramas.

5. Jo Yeo-jeong

Yeo-jeong began her career as a model at the age of very young, 16 years old. At that time, he appeared as a magazine cover model CeCi Magazine published in 1997. Two years after the first appearance in South Korean entertainment industry, Yeo-jeong gained his first chance to act in a movie drama in 1999. However, he had actually shine and gained popularity in 2010 when it starred in the drama titled "The Servant."

4. Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo-joo was born in 1987 and started her career as a model after winning a beauty contest in 2003 in his hometown. Not only for beauty products such as Vogue and Lacoste, Han Hyo-joo also often modeled for various advertising humanity as Anti Smoking Campaign and Save the Penguin. Not only in the world of modeling, she is also very successfully performed as an actress and has won dozens of awards from various organizations Korean film.

3. Go Ara

Go Ara is the youngest models in this list. Born in 1990, she has performed as a model since she was 13 years old. Ara was appointed as brand ambassador and product endorser of several companies such as SK Telecom and Elite Uniforms. Not only that, he was even awarded the Model of the Year in 2008. Success in South Korea, Ara began trying to widen its popularity by appearing in several films produced in Japan.

2. Song Hye-kyo

Not only in South Korea, Song Hye-kyo often touted as one of the most beautiful women in the world. His talent in the modeling world has seen when he was young, in which Song has won Smart Model Contest at the age of 14 years. His career increasingly uphill after she starred in the popular television dramas like "Autumn in My Heart" and "Full House." Throughout his career, Song has become an advertising model for more than ten commercial products, such as Olay, FHM, and Nintendo DS.

1. Lee Ha-nui

Born in 1983, Lee Ha-nui is probably the most talented model figure in this field. Not only won numerous prestigious awards such as the title of Miss Korea 2006, Ha-nui also a classical musician, actress and presenter. Ha-nui represent South Korea at the Miss Universe 2007 event held in Mexico, where he managed to emerge as 3rd Runner-Up. Since then, he has become an official endorser models for a variety of fashion products such as Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, and DAKS.

THIS 15 MODEL AND SOUTH KOREA prettiest world's sexiest

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