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Do not be surprised if it turns out you find a lot of beautiful women in the world of football. They not only serve as officials and supporters of a team, but also playing on the gridiron. Well, this time Top10Indo will provide a list of the sexiest female athletes over the green field. Not only beautiful, they are also very competent in his field.

Beauty women were also not be underestimated. Although they are struggling on the field, full of sweat and mud; it turns out they can also look beautiful and graceful. Well, without the need many more words, here is a list of the ten most beautiful women footballers our version:

10. Heather Mitts.

Although the United States is not a strong team in world football man, this country is one of the world's respected team in women's football. American Might not be separated from the players that are not just full of talent and skill, but also off the field to look beautiful, sexy, elegant and popular course.

Heather Mitts be one of the oldest player United States team that debuted in the World Cup, precisely at the age of 33 years. However, his role as a defender is very crucial and important for the team.

9. Kyah Simon.

Blood Asia that have made Kyah Simon who defend the Australian national team became very popular. Who would have thought this little girl is very agile berpostu if playing on the gridiron.

When he was off the field, he returned to the woman who was shy and did not attract attention. Really a strange phenomenon.

Kyah Simon is one of the best strikers ever had in Australia. He was twice in a row was the top scorer in the W-League in 2010 and 2011, and won various titles such as Young Player of the Year and Best Player of the Year.

8. Natalie Vinti.

Mexico is a country filled with beautiful women. Not only able to put their representatives as the winner of Miss Universe, the country also has the figure of a footballer turned out beautiful and sexy.
And among the beautiful women who play for the national team Sombrero, Natalie Vinti is number one.

Make no mistake, this sweet girl flawless figure could turn out to be a very fierce defender. He did not hesitate to do the hard tackling and body contact that makes his opponent toppled. But off the field, Natalie back to being a woman is smooth and gentle.

7. Kate Gill.

Beautiful face very entertaining every supporter of the Australian national team. Not only with her physical appearance, Gill also often make the fans cheering for the Socceroos goal-tally donated at crucial times. Gill was the figure of a tall striker who not only strong in the air balls, but also has a hard shot.

Throughout his career with the Australian national team, Gill had contributed 32 goals. He is also a person who has an important role when bringing it into the national team's Asian Cup championship in 2010. This then makes it elected as AFC Player of the Year.

6. Kosovare Asllani.

These players are often referred to as a female version of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, because both have the blood of the Balkans, both playing and being the captain of the Swedish national team, and both played for the club Paris Saint-Germain. The difference, Kosovare Asllani has a small body and rely more on speed than strength to score.

Her pretty face makes Asllani quickly became a celebrity in his home country. Moreover, in line with a move in the PSG club lady who incidentally comes from the state of fashion and fashion, Asllani seems to be more to enjoy various professions sideline beyond the gridiron as a model.

5. Selina Wagner.

If the players man the German national team filled with players burly and grim-faced, not so with the female team. Tim Panzer Women actually filled by the football player who is very graceful and beautiful face. I was so graceful, many said that the German team look like he was dancing ballet at the top of the gridiron.

Selina Wagner is one of the international ambassador to promote football to women around the world. Not only that, he also posed for the German edition of Playboy magazine to prove that football is a beautiful sport.

4. Hope Solo.

In the history of women's soccer, Hope Solo is known as one of the best goalkeeper in the world. He became a crucial figure that brought the United States soccer team won two gold medals. Not only that, his leadership in goal makes the defenders feel more calm and confident in dispels the opponent's attack.

Not only in the United States, Hope Solo also had a career in the clubs of France and Sweden. Not only in football, pretty goalkeeper is also often appeared on local television shows, one of them as a finalist of the contest Dancing with the Stars in 2011.

3. Kaylyn Kyle.

Kaylyn Kyle is a Canadian national team playmaker who spend a long time in the US league. Style of play as midfielder reminds us of the figure of Steven Gerrard, where he can emerge as a playmaker, midfielder, winger, second striker, in fact rarely scored.

He was three times crowned as Canada's best young players, and was twice elected as the best senior players in the league in 2010 and 2011. Not only that, looks pretty too often adorn fashion magazines and lifestyle Canada.

2. Alex Morgan.

His face was sweet, very pretty, sexy body, and she is a fashion icon in the world women's football; as well as Cristiano Ronaldo in world football man. Alex Morgan is not only known as a flamboyant player who often show various acrobatic skills and passes beautifully, but also did not hesitate to play hard for the win.

In 2012, Morgan managed to equal the legend of women's football, Mia Hamm, successfully scoring and assists over the number 20. Looking at his young age and his popularity was so high that, Morgan is still very likely to become more powerful than Mia Hamm.

1. Laisa Andrioli.

When talking about football, Brazil is the king. So also in the case of women's football, in which the country managed to put Laisa Andrioli as a footballer figure sexiest woman in the world.Not only experts in menggocek ball, exotic-skinned beautiful woman can also make your heart flutter with different pose in the magazine.

Laisa Andrioli regarded as someone who was very brave and controversial. Not just once, she had appeared naked in a variety of shooting. Laisa is also included in the list of 100 sexiest women athletes Complex online media.

THIS 10 most beautiful women footballers CURRENT

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