Who is the most popular AKB48 personnel and has the largest number of shares in the three social networks, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus? Yes, at the beginning of September 2013, the official website of the Japanese idol group has just announced the largest number of shares of each of its members. Is your idol personnel get into the top ten of this list?

If the some time ago Top10Indo briefly discusses the most beautiful AKB48 personnel, this time we determine the ranking based on the number of shares in the social network. The more who share their posts, the higher the rank.

10. Rena Nozawa.

Facebook Shares: 414, Twitter Shares: 409, G + Shares: 59; Total: 882.

JKT48 lovers should be proud because the Rena is currently listed as the personnel of the team AKB48 K managed to penetrate the ranks of the top ten most popular members on social networking, defeating the names of other, more famous as Miyuki Watanabe. Seeing the popularity of Rena high enough, it seems not impossible if one day he managed to enter as one of the most famous AKB48 personnel.

Rena main advantages that managed to penetrate the ranks of the top ten is the ability to master three languages, English, Japanese, and Indonesian. Each Tweet and Google's share of the Rena is almost always written in two languages, Japanese and Indonesian, and occasionally posted in English.

9. Yui Yokoyama.

Facebook Shares: 366, Twitter Shares: 157, G + Shares: 401; Total: 924.

Yokoyama Yui is a member of a team that is on pemiliihan Senbatsu (election of members Grab) yesterday managed to rank 13th. 158 cm tall girl is known as an athletic because they like various sports activities such as basketball, tennis and athletics. Yui also recently inducted into the A team captain, replacing Mariko Shinoda who graduate in July 2013 ago.

Yui Yokoyama famous as a member of AKB48 does not know despair. At first, he failed audition SKE48. A month later, he again failed in AKB48 audition, and only managed to be accepted in the next audition, five months later. Labor to repeatedly audition for this seems to make it work very hard to maintain its current position in AKB48.

8. Rina Kawaei.

Facebook Shares: 566, Twitter Shares: 199, G + Shares: 249; Total: 1004.

Being part of the team A, Rina classified as new personnel AKB48 who joined after auditioning received on the 11th generation in 2010. Slowly but surely, Rina the training and become a member of a research student before being officially accepted as full-time members of AKB48 in March in 2012.

Rina Kawaei known as someone who is very bubbly and admire Atsuko Maeda, one of the most popular members who now graduate. Aside from being a member of AKB48, Rina also had once appeared in movies and television series.

7. Haruna Kojima.

Facebook Shares: 600, Twitter Shares: 109, G + Shares: 265; Total: 1074.

Haruna is one of the senior members of AKB48, who was born in the 1980s and was a good friend of ace Yuko Oshima. He mentioned having a face that is naturally cute, or naturally always look cute. Not surprisingly, then Haruna has gained popularity is quite high, both in Senbatsu and in social networks.

As one AKB48 personnel who had been there since the first generation, it seems times Haruna to announce the graduation of the idol group is getting closer. He also seemed to want to leave something memorable for his fans before leaving AKB48 completely.

6. Jurina Matsui.

Facebook Shares: 536, Twitter Shares: 235, G + Shares: 426; Total: 1197.

Jurina who was born in 1997 currently occupies a double position, as a member of Team S SKE48 well as members of Team K AKB48. Matsui Jurina popularity at this time is high-high, considering the last Senbatsu he also managed to sit in sixth. At the prospect of many senior members who graduate in the near future, it seems Jurina be positioned as one of the core members in AKB48.

Not only in terms of beauty, great contribution in the 48 family who makes Jurina is quite popular among the fans. He has participated in at least 3 albums 5 albums SKE48 and AKB48.

5. Yuki Kashiwagi.

Facebook Shares: 839, Twitter Shares: 156, G + Shares: 714; Total: 1709.

No one doubts the contribution Yukirin in AKB48. This beautiful girl look more charming with age. Yuki Kashiwagi is also considered to be one of the core team that is able to continue the glory AKB48 idol group member force after the birth year of the 80s such as Yuko Oshima and Haruna Kojima graduate.

Not only in singing and dancing, Yuki Kashiwagi also very skilled at playing the drums. Maybe the fans will see a somewhat different impression of Yukirin, because this time he was in a team with a true partner, Mayuyu.

4. Takahashi Minami.

Facebook Shares: 1200, Twitter Shares: 248, G + Shares: 366; Total: 1814.

Takahashi Minami, which currently has a role as the captain of the whole team AKB48 is indeed a very high popularity. Although relatively rare in updating the blog and social networking, he could still ranks fourth in the list of most popular AKB48 personnel in cyberspace.

If he had more diligently update, we can be sure its position in this list will be higher. Takahashi is fondly called by the name of "Takamina" is also often regarded as a member of AKB48 with the most beautiful voice.

3. Haruka Shimazaki.

Facebook Shares: 1100, Twitter Shares: 338, G + Shares: 549; Total: 1987.

Haruka more familiarly called by the nickname "Paruru" B team members have become the most popular social networks, beat Yukirin and Haruna Kojima, two of the more popular names and ranks higher in Senbatsu. Popularity Haruka is currently soaring, as she had come out a winner in Janken tournament (Tournament of paper-scissors-rock).

In addition, Paruru also fairly active in updating his blog. If you look at the case of Rino Sashihara which worked out to be the most popular AKB48 members in the last Senbatsu as has the number of fans in the virtual world is very big, it seems not impossible Paruru be a prime candidate to occupy top ranking in Senbatsu next year.

2. Yuko Oshima.

Facebook Shares: 1200, Twitter Shares: 578, G + Shares: 475; Total: 2253.

After graduate from AKB48's Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima AKB48 seems to be the main mascot of the most recognized worldwide. After being crowned as the hottest member of AKB48 (ranked second, under Rino Sashihara of HKT48), Yuko again proved that he is also very popular in cyberspace.

Center of the song Heavy Rotation is apparently also been established to pursue a career. Given the age of 25 years has entered in 2013, it seems we will not soon witness Yuko graduate from AKB48.

1. Mayu Watanabe.

Facebook Shares: 1600, Twitter Shares: 385, G + Shares: 633; Total: 2618.

Mayu Watanabe, known by the name "Mayuyu" not only often called the most beautiful sebagia AKB46 members at once the most cute. Speaking of popularity, Mayuyu managed to prove that he was the one personnel of AKB48's most popular social networks. He managed to become a member of the postingannya most widely shared on Facebook and G +, and only lost to Yuko Oshima at Twitter.

Mayuyu which is also often referred to as a cyborg idol is also experiencing a significant transformation. After all this time has always been known as a cute girl who's funny, after stepping on the age of 19 Mayuyu turned into a figure of a woman who is very graceful, elegant, and calm.His experience as one of the most senior members of AKB48 despite his young age has also become a distinct advantage for him. AKB48 well as personnel or as an individual, Mayuyu believed would remain a popular figure in the J-Pop industry for at least five years into the future.


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