5 handsomest man MEN IN THE WORLD 2017

Men - the handsomest man in the world

1. Borkan Omar al gala

Borkan Omar Al Gala became very famous after the events that are in the face it. Borkah Omar al gala was a man from the United Arab Emirates Countries in deportation by the Government of Saudi Arabia due to overly handsome in a festival. Handsomeness borkah omar this fear will have a huge impact not good for Saudi Arabian women women. Obviously this will be able to attract the attention of women there because it has a handsome face. Has a handsome face, strong jaw and also has a keen eye spotlight that can make the craziest woman in the world - crazy.

2. Adam Levine

Has a handsome face and also has tattoos on his body, which only made women increasingly addicted - crazy to him. When viewed with a cursory man is seen as a bad boy. Adam Levine also had a beautiful voice and sexy and also as a vocalist maroon 5 that song - the song definitely we often hear.

3. Lee Min Ho

LEE MIN HO This is the star of the Korean nation that is well known throughout the world. Fans - fans were also scattered throughout the world. Who made his name famous was when he starred in a drama movie "boys before flowers" who plays as gu jun pyo. Has a handsome face that accentuates the typical Korean man makes a woman a woman getting addicted - mad about her.

4. Zayn malik

Zayn Malik This is one of the members of the personnel boyband boyband one direction which is very famous in the world. Zayn Malik himself has ngedance talent and also has a good voice and also this is the one - the only member of boyband one direction are Moslem. Has a handsome face that makes her scream - scream when he saw it. Zayn Malik himself is a man who beketurunan English and also pakistan.

5. Imran abbas

IMRAN ABBAS This is one of the models from Pakistan. This model is often involved in the shooting and also often appeared on a talk show on a private Pakistani television. Imran abbas has a handsome face that is typical of Pakistan increasingly mature even more handsome and more people in Pakistan there that says "he is doomed to be a handsome man." Has a sharp nose, thick eyebrows and eyes that make women beautiful women fascinated and stunned.

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