Ayu Ting Ting one dangdut singer successful without selling wobble. Who would have thought of a song sung Address Counterfeit birthday, made his name skyrocketed to date.

About appearance, the owner's name Ayu Rosmalina also invisible wah and redundant. The mother of one child it actually looks simple and remain polite.

However, who would have thought behind the simple appearance, Ayu mentioned already become a young millionaire. At least it was said by his best friend, Julia Perez.

"Make no mistake, I think he (Ayu) were classified as young billionaire. Just bought the villa, have a luxury car," said Jupe few days ago.

Women from Depok was also considered smart to use the money to invest long term. Although already famous, the evidence is not ashamed Ayu still using operational vehicles of the office.

"It was clever he is, the smart kid. Got a luxury car but rarely used, used car office, petrol from the office. She did not care would people say the car he wears ugly or ordinary aja. People do not know wrote, he weve never overbearing and do not show off the person, "said Jupe.

That Ayu Ting Ting very simple person despite already a young billionaire She remained modestly. Ayu also not ostentatious people.

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