Cristiano Ronalda ready gutted, the article Irina Shayk longtime girlfriend would be turned into another man's wife. Unmitigated, Irina will be the wife of Hercules.

Fortunately, Irina will be another man's wife was just in a movie. Yes, a beautiful model from Russia will explore the world of the film. In his debut, he will act as Megara, one of the four wives of Hercules.

In the film directed by Brett Rutner and starring actors such as Dwyane Johnson, the wrestler who is more popularly known as '' The Rock ''.

Information about the film and Irina will play a role as the wife of Hercules was revealed in a photo on Instagram. Where, she uploaded a photo while being made-up by builders dresser with make-up makeup style like in the Greek era past.

'' #MEGARA Along with the greatest hair stylists of all time #film Hercules, '' wrote Irina in Instagram.

Irina hair is usually straight, made slightly wavy. Not too there are major changes in hair color, retaining the original hair color Irina.

Because of her beauty, Irina considered very suitable role as Megara. She is the daughter of King Creon Of Thebes, who eventually became the wife of Hercules. In Greek legend, during his lifetime, Hercules has been married four times.

Megara was his first wife. The story is tragic, the children he killed because of a madness. According Bibliotheke work of Apollodorus, Megara was not injured and later married to Iolaus, while according to Euripides, Heracles killed Megara too.

While Hercules was Omfale second wife, Lydia queen who became the owner of Heracles when the hero must be a slave. Then the third wife is Deianira. After Hercules died, he was appointed as gods on Mount Olympus and married to Hebe who became his fourth wife.

To complete the Hercules movie is done in a long time. Irina has been working with director since last year. Several times he met with Brett Ratner and also Dwyane 'The Rock' 'Johnson.

'' For the first time I played on the big screen. I am happy and proud to say I work closely with Brett Ratner in the new movie Hercules! Thank you, '' said Irina.

Hercules films participating Hercules starring Irina is titled '' The Thracian Wars '' movie inspired from the story of the comic book series of the same title.

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