Miss Indonesia beauty pageant in Indonesia is held by MNC through the Miss Indonesia Foundation with the support of the cosmetics company Sari Ayu.

Beauty contest is intended to prepare the figure of an Indonesian woman who will become ambassadors in the social, cultural, and economic development in international forums.

The event, which has logan "All eyes are on You" in 2014 is even 10 years old.

Here we invite you to get acquainted with the tenth Miss Indonesia.

1. Imelda Fransisca

This is the first Miss Indonesia.

Imelda Fransisca was born in Bogor, West Java, September 24, 1982 was Miss Indonesia 2005 and Runner Up 1 Miss ASEAN.

Imelda Fransisca is the daughter of the couple Wellih Tan and Au Bintoro. At the age of 9 years, she never went to school in Singapore, he often suffer verbal and physical abuse from foster parents.

He also suffered from anorexia in order to lose weight.

Imelda Fransisca is a graduate of Ohio University, USA majoring in psychology. Before becoming Miss Indonesia, he worked as a supervisor in the company of his father.

Imelda Fransisca has been named as an ambassador for education in 2009 and has since been involved in the establishment of educational institutions and orphanages, as well as social activities.

2. Kristania Virginia Besouw

Kristania Virginia Besouw born in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi province on May 7, 1985, she was Miss Indonesia both elected in 2006.

She is the first Miss Indonesia who represented Indonesia at the Miss World Pageant 2006 held in Poland.

In the event that Kristiana was ranked top 20 in the category of Miss Sport.

He decided to move to the United States to study for a degree in Nursing with a left his studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Sam Ratulangi.

3. Kamidia Radisti

The winner of Miss Indonesia 2007 was born in Surabaya, East Java, on February 23, 1984. He is a representative of the Province of West Java.

Kamidia is a former swimmer. It is believed by the jury can take it a step further in the Miss World 2007 held in the city of Sanya, China.

He made it into the top 20 fast track competition Miss World Sport, the top 15 Miss World Talent, and the Top 5 Miss World Beauty With a Purpose.

After his term as Miss Indonesia 2007, fathers Priangan familiarly called Disti penetrated the world of entertainment. Acting on the big screen to be one of the choices.

First appeared in the movie The Shaman in 2008. This horror genre film, Disti must compete acting with actor Oka Antara.

From a small role, Disti began to get a more important role. As in the second film is still the horror genre, Hantu Biang Scrape, here he gets a mysterious character as Ocha. The film is released on February 19, 2009.

Disti now works as a presenter on the private television station Trans7.

4. Sandra Angelia

Sandra Angelia Hadisiswantoro born in Surabaya, East Java, May 11, 1986; 27 years old is Miss Indonesia 2008. He is the representative of East Java Province.

Once elected Miss Indonesia, he lined up to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2008 in South Africa and are in a great position in the arena 19 fast track Miss World Talent.

Sandra is the daughter of the first or second child of the couple: Pdt. Dr. Joshua Hadisiswantoro, M.A. with Pdt. Hanna Asti Tanuseputra.

Since age 13, he moved to Australia because of the bloody events of May 1998. Sandra is also the grandson of the Founder GBI Shepherd Church of Bethany, Pdt. Prof. DR. Alex Abraham Tanuseputra.

Sandra S1 his finishing college at the University of Western Australia, Australia's Department of Architecture.

5. Kerenina Sunny Halim

Kerenina Sunny Halim, who is fondly called, was born in Jakarta, June 13, 1986. The American pretty bloody Indonesia is therefore representative of Jakarta in the Miss Indonesia 2009.

He represented Indonesia at the Miss World 2009 in South Africa in November-December of the same year in which he became the first Indonesian to ever win the top score in all five Fast Tracks Competitions Miss World competition.

Kerenina is a mixed descent, his mother from Montana, United States and father of Bandung, Indonesia. He had five brothers, one of which is also one of the celebrities in Indonesia, Steve Emmanuel, who has starred in several TV sinteron (also known as sinetron in Indonesia).

In the aftermath of the Tsunami disaster in Aceh in December 2004, Kerenina spent two years to help rebuild Aceh. Actively participate in one of the first response disaster relief team, he also, with the help of other organizations, set up such projects, educational programs for children in refugee camps, events leading to the development and donated more than 100 fishing vessels to the rural- the fishing village of Banda Aceh and its surroundings.

He was key in the development of projects clinic providing health care and free mobile first in the area at the time, carrying medical equipment and medicines free of charge for 15 villages in Aceh.

6. Asyifa Latief

The owner's full name Asyifa Syafiningdyah Putrambami Latif was born in Bandung, 20 September 1988.

She was elected Miss Indonesia 2010 after representing West Java and further represent Indonesia at the Miss World 2010.

Miss Indonesia 2010, he was also crowned as Miss Body Beautiful.

Accounting student of Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung also worked as a model.

She is currently in the quiz show Lenses Sports.

7. Astrid Ellena

Dara's full name Astrid Ellena Indriana Yunadi and familiar dipanggi Ellen was born in Surabaya on June 8, 1990.

Miss Indonesia 2011 is raised in Surabaya and Gaithersburg, State of Maryland, United States.

Ellen is a pianist who has appeared several times at various places during the stay in the United States, one of them performing in front of an audience in the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Representing East Java, Astrid Ellena crowned as Miss Indonesia 2011 on June 3, 2011 in Central Park, Jakarta. Furthermore Ellen represent Indonesia in the Miss World 2011 beauty pageant in London, England along with other contestants from 113 countries.

He reached the semifinals (Top 15), Talent Top 10. She also won the Miss Beauty With A Purpose with Miss Ghana. She is the first Miss World participants from Indonesia, which until now managed to become a semi-finalist in history during the beauty contest.

Since August 2011, Ellen reportedly no longer live in her parents' house. Ellen reported escape from her parents' house with her boyfriend, Donny Laimena. Ellen's departure allegedly because of her relationship with her boyfriend is not sanctioned by the father, Fredrich Yunadi.

Fredrich not agree Astrid associated with Donny because her boyfriend is much older and been involved in cases of illegal mining in South Kalimantan in 2006. Fredrich also embarrassed and disappointed that Ellena had often go together abroad with his girlfriend.

Last Ellen invited his father to attend the ceremony of transfer of the tomb of parents Fredrich, but Ellen refused to attend. Ellen then preach his father via SMS that he was out of the house.

As a result of these cases, title of Miss Indonesia Astrid threatened removed. In the official website of Miss Indonesia, noted that in addition to beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished, a Miss Indonesia must display the personality of the East, as polite, friendly, feminine, and loves to help.

8. Ines Putri

Bali provincial representatives in the title of Miss Indonesia is emiliki full name Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi. Sweet black chick who is familiarly called Ines was born in Denpasar, Bali, on 5 September 1989.

As Miss Indonesia 2012, he then represent Indonesia in the Miss World 2012 and reached the 15th position is great.

Ines is a professional golf athletes winning gold and silver medals in PON 2004. He is also the youngest woman to have won the golf tournament Bali Governor Cup and had entered in the national team golf Indonesia.

Lover of basketball, swimming, and volleyball are accustomed to discipline, hard work and unyielding.

Being Miss Indonesia 2012 and bring the good name of Indonesia in the field of sports and culture in the Miss World is the ideal scholars, the University of Georgia this.

At the Miss World 2012, in addition to reaching the final 15. He was runner-up 3 in the Beauty with a Purpose, top 40 in Beach Beauty, and the top 57 Miss World Top Model.

9. Vania Larissa

Vania Larissa, who was born in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, November 18, 1995, is a singer who is also the winner of Miss Indonesia 2013.

He became famous when he became champion in the talent show Indonesia's Got Talent in 2010. And then a serious career in the music world since that time.

Lsekarang Vania who has been living in Jakarta and attending school at Sekolah Pelita Harapan has a voice genre of pop & seriosa.

The main song, entitled Secret was released in 2011. Vania also released the album Peace be with you along with Agnes Monica, Ruth, Once, Mike Mohede, Sammy Simorangkir, Ballerina, Ari Lasso, Maria Shandi and much more.

Vania victory in the Miss Indonesia 2013, leading him to represent Indonesia in the Miss World 2013 which for the first time held in Bali, Indonesia. In this event, Vania managed to carve fast track achievement as the winner of the Miss World Talent and 11 large Miss World Beach Fashion.

On the eve of the summit Miss World 2013, Vania made it into the top 10 semifinalists. It is located at position 7, which stood at 270 points.

10. Maria Rahajeng

This is the current Miss Indonesia. Vice-province of West Sulawesi has a full name Maria Asteria Sastrayu Rahajeng.

He was born on October 3, 1991 in the town of Blora, Central Java.

He was crowned as Miss Indonesia by his predecessor, Vania Larissa, in a celebration that was held on February 17, 2014.

In the contest that was held on February 17, 2014, Maria won over 33 other contestants from various provinces in Indonesia. Three great rivals, Ellen Rachel from West Papua and Hanna Sugialam of East Java.

With this victory, Maria right to represent Indonesia in the Miss World 2014 pageant to be held in London in October 2014.

Post-election as Miss Indonesia, Maria was criticized in connection with the area representative, when the contest. It is said that Mary was not the West Sulawesi. Since childhood, he settled in the US and Bali and did not ever set foot nor has the blood of West Sulawesi.

Maria initially will represent Bali in the selection of Miss Indonesia. But since there are representatives of Bali, by the organizers of Miss Indonesia, suggested that Maria represents the only West Sulawesi because there is no representative of West Sulawesi elected, so Maria eventually competed representing West Sulawesi.

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