Bergek, New King at the music of Aceh

Thousands of people who packed the stadium Kuta Asan, Sigli, Pidie District, yesterday, seemed to confirm that figure Bergek as the new king at the music of Aceh.

Bergek Plunge into the world of singing since I was a kid, Bergek began to find its star, along with the explosion of the album "Bit-Bit" was released in 2015, the names bergek now began often diperbicangkan by children up to the young couple this area.

Lyrics bergek number of songs on the album (Bit-Bit) is often heard in the mouth until the teenage boy though. Bergek action very entertaining, making him flooded with orders to fill entertainment at various events, until the concert on the football pitch.

The singer who was born in 1992 in Pantonlabu, North Aceh are now doing a concert tour in Aceh Socialization of Drug. As held in Kuta Asan Stadium on cooperation Orend Entertainment and Pidie Police on Saturday (20/2), before the same concert was also held in Nagan Raya.

Thus, the popularity Bergek real name Zuhdi, Bergek now it is becoming (byword) among people in Aceh, Although almost all the songs Bergek rhythmic adaptations, but the songs she has distinctive characteristics, especially the lyrics melow and also hilarious, and combined between Aceh Indonesian language.

Currently, the album Bergek so skyrocketed in Aceh music market, it is a song that is packaged in a single album, titled Boh Hate them, Bit-Bit, Aneuk Dadu, Gaseh Kaleukang and Saba. Album with the number 12 song sold on the market are capable of reaching over 100 thousand pieces. These sales figures this song is quite fantastic, as compared with the other woods Bergek album.

Bergek interviewed foyer in Sigli, on Saturday (20/2) said, he plunged into the world of music since 2005. At that time, he was playing with friends in an Aceh comedy titled "Love Tribe" and also "Aneuk Lang Lang ". Both movies are less accepted by film lovers in Aceh. Of the two comedies, call Bergek, his teacher called M Nur Karma ask Panton Labu-born youngsters have released one album titled Bergek. So Bergek name is taken from the two comedy Aceh. In the language of Aceh bergek means batat "unruly", "said the singer Bit Bit.

Over time, precisely in 2009, Bergek released a song titled "menghayal". This menghayal song which had been popular, but it did not last long, "said Bergek. In 2015 then, Bergek re-released several songs including the Boh Hate, Bit-Bit, Gaseh Kaleukang, Beukah Gant, 360, and Saba. The song proved to be able to hypnotize people of Aceh song lovers.

Even for Boh album Hate was able to sell 100 thousand copies more. These songs are rhythmic Indian dikombinasikannya with dangdut, pop-dangdut and also Malay, Combined four this rhythm, Reveal Bergek. According to him the process of creating such a difficult song in the vocal part. Moreover, the Bergek song combined with four streams of music, so as to make the album took a long time. "Currently I'm working on a new song whose title Suet bajee Jih Blou. Now in the process of recording, "Singer Reveals Phenomenal Aceh Bergek.

Related to the concerts, held at the Stadium Kuta Asan Sigli, yesterday, should menjadian moral message for all the people of Pidie, especially for young people to stay away from drugs. Therefore, the drug is strictly prohibited in the religion and the state. "So, let us live in accordance with the guidance of religion and stay away from drugs, he concluded.

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