Blood donation is a noble one thing, while also improving the quality of life and health of the donor. But not everyone can become a donor, depending on the condition of health, quality of blood, such as blood pressure and hemoglobin.

More than that a donor should also pay attention to health, including food intake after donating blood. This is a lightweight tips for donors, to better fit paskamendonorkan blood.

Consuming the right food after blood donation can help replenish lost iron and vitamins.

1. Foods Containing Much Iron

Without iron, the body can not maintain / produce healthy red blood cells. Because the body BFO'ers hrs start making new blood cells, foods containing iron after donating blood can give the body a good start after a donor. Examples of iron-rich foods include spinach, red meat, fish, poultry, nuts.

2. Foods Containing Folic

Your body uses folate / vitamin B-9 folic acid / folacin, to produce new red blood cells. Foods containing folate include liver, lentils, asparagus and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce. Orange juice is a good source of folate.

3. Food Contains Riboflavin / Vitamin B-2

is a vitamin that is needed to produce red blood cells. Riboflavin / vit B-2 helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy for the body. After BFO'ers blood donors BFO'ers feel weak, consume foods containing vitamin B-2 can help to keep fit.Riboflavin-containing foods include foods that have iron and folateEggs, peas, kacang2an, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, asparagus, cereals. milk, yogurt is also a good source.

4. Foods Containing Vitamin B-6

BFO'ers body needs vitamin B-6 to build healthy blood cells. Because proteins contain many nutrients that BFO'ers needed after blood donation, food vitamin B-6 may help.Examples of food vitamin B-6 include potatoes, bananas, beans, red meat, fish, eggs and spinach.

5. Drink Water 

Do not overlook the importance of the liquid along with the food BFO'ers eat. The best fluid is water. Drink more water for up to 48 hours after blood donation is very important in helping the body BFO'ers to adjust. Eating and drinking healthy after a blood donor, can help BFO'ers regain energy. Other than that,BFO'ers body can begin the journey to rebuild blood cells that is new, so ready to be donated again next 3 months.

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