After the Prophet Musa and Harun, to pass, years long with no shocking events. Human life without the guidance and tutelage of an Apostle. The Children of Israel were expelled from the country because they refuse to Torah scripture. When they no longer heed the teachings of the Torah that Moses handed down. The Torah has been uprooted and vanished from their hearts.

In that condition then Allah sent Prophet Daud as to lead the Israelites back into his path. Prophet David, as is the 13th descendant of Abraham from the lineage of her second child, the Prophet Isaac as. Prophet David was born and lived in Bethlehem, eventually became King replaces Thalut. Whereas in the past there was a pagan king named Goliath, the mortal enemy Thalut who later defeated by the Prophet David as.

Prophet David as known as a messenger of Allah, which is endowed '' golden voice '', which is a very melodious voice, and no one could match. Was revealed to him the book of Psalms, the holy book which is a collection qasidah-qasidah and verses that contains beads and praise to Allah. In the book of Psalms also told the story of the followers of the foregoing, the news of the Prophet to come including news of the coming of Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet David as that in Judaism and Christianity (Christian) is known by the name of David, the second king after Thalut as mentioned above the most famous in the kingdom of Israel. When starting up, the Prophet David and two of his brother to fight against the Goliath of the Palestinian forces that invaded the Children of Israel. After defeating Goliath, David married by King Thalut with his daughter Mikyal.

Mikyal very loyal to the Prophet David as, who was crowned king for the Children of Israel when he was under 30 years old. After becoming king, King David as then makes Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem) as the capital of his kingdom. When the 40-year-old, as the Prophet David received a prophetic treatise. Allah SWT. gave him the book of the Psalms and some miracles.

One miracle is granted by God to the Prophet David, as as mentioned above is a very melodious voice, Vanquish and melts Iron Mountain. If the Prophet David as reciting the book, for example, then those who hear unnerved made, people who are sick are healed. Jin and Humans and birds gathered nearby to listen to the chanting of the book that contains the words of God. Similarly, the wind became calm, the mountains, the birds come hymn praising the greatness of Allah.

Phoenix, for example, when the Prophet David as holding an iron, then iron it becomes soft, like paper, and can be used as an assortment of life's necessities without having burned first by fire and not necessarily in forging such as the custom of the blacksmith as it looks now.

Allah says: 'And verily We gave David bounty from Us. (We said): O mountains and birds glorify repeatedly with David and we have softened iron for him. (It is) make armor big ones and measure the basket, and serve pious deeds. Indeed, I see what you do. '' (Qur'an, As-Saba ': 10-11).


Prophet David as a prophet who practice prayer and fasting is very pleasing to Allah, so because of his prowess that the Prophet Muhammad and told his companions. As narrated by Abdullah bin Amr: '' He asked me: I heard that you are always on guard at night time (worship) and fasting during the day? ''

'' Yes, O Messenger of Allah, '' I replied. The Prophet said: fasting and eat, Pray and go to sleep! Because your body has a right to you, and your guests also have the right to you. Suffice it for you to fast three days of every month. ''

Abdullah commented: '' I persisted. '' Prophet insisted anyway and finally I give the reason: 'O Messenger of Allah, I am strong to do it.' 'The Prophet was then suggested:' 'If so, fasted for three days every week.' 'Abdullah said again:' 'I persisted . ''

But the Prophet insisted anyway. I argued, 'O Messenger of Allah, I am still able. '' The Messenger was then warned loudly: '' Well, like fasting Prophet David fasted, and do not exceed anymore, '' he said. '' O Messenger of Allah, Prophet David how fast is that? '' I asked, '' He is a day of fasting, a day does not, '' Prophet. (Reported by Ahmad and others).

In another editorial, Abdullah ibn Amr narrated that the Prophet said: 'Fasting is more favored by God is the fasting of David, and prayer of the most favored of Allah, is the prayer of David. He trillionth two nights sleep, wake-third, one-sixth and went to sleep. He fasted a day and break their day. '' (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

Koran depicts the personality of the Prophet David is quite complete, as Allah says: '' Be patient over what they say, and remember Our servant, David, who has the power (al-Ayad) actually he is very obedient. Indeed, we subdue the mountains to glorify with him (David) in the evening and morning. And (We subjected anyway) birds in a state collected. Each so much devotion to God. And we strengthened his kingdom and we gave him wisdom and discretion in resolving disputes. '' (QS. Shaad: 17-19).

Allah also says: '' Hi David! We have made you a vicegerent on earth, give a decision between people with justice, and do not follow the passions, because it will lead you astray from the Path of Allah. Indeed, those who go astray in the way of Allah, will receive severe punishment, because they forgot the day of reckoning. '' (QS. Shaad: 26).

Ability and habit of the Prophet David fasted, was correspondingly reduced to his son who is also a Prophet, the Prophet Sulayman. According to Ibn Abbas, the Prophet Sulayman fast for three days at the beginning of the month, three days in mid-month and three days at the end of the month. So he started every month by fasting, undergoing pertengahannya with fasting, and close it by fasting anyway.

At one point, in the kingdom that dominated the Prophet David as plague of cholera. Many people who die from the disease. Prophet David as then pray to God to eliminate this plague, then there goes the disease.

To show gratitude to God, as the Prophet David took his son, Solomon to build the shrine, the Baitul Maqdis, which we now know as the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine. The place which is the first Qibla of Muslims before switching to the Ka'ba.

Prophet David was awarded as the age of 100 years and 6 months, the Israelites ruled for about 40 years. He died and was buried in the area of ​​Mount Zion, in Jerusalem, Palestine. Until now, his grave often diziarahi by Muslims who come from various parts of the world, the Jews and the Christians / Christianity.


GOD Almighty has mengkaruniakam certain miracles to the Prophet David, as that is not given to any other prophet.

  • God sent David as a Prophet and Messenger complete with the perfection of knowledge, thoroughness of deeds and wisdom in resolving disputes in the community during his reign. 
  • Prophet David as most of uncircumcised speechless and was able to melt the soul loud just by verses from his mouth. 
  • Allah lowers the Psalms, the holy book of a collection qasidah and verses that contains beads and praise to God. There are the stories of the followers of the foregoing, the news of the Prophet to come including news of the coming of Prophet Muhammad. 
  • God made the hills and ordered him to follow the rosary hymn of David every morning and evening. 
  • Birds also helped glorify the Prophet David as follows rosary repeatedly. 
  • Prophet David as being given a warning and an understanding of the intent voice or language of the birds. 
  • God has given him the power to flex and soften iron. Prophet David was able to make clothes and iron circles with his hands without over heating / burning with fire, as we see today. 
  • Prophet David has been given the opportunity to become king and led the powerful kingdom that can not be defeated by the enemy. In fact, he noted always gained the victory over all opponents and enemies. 
  • Prophet David was given a melodious voice by God admirable by the entire universe. so now he becomes figuratively speaking sweet when someone said that he had the voice of David as.

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