Pile seashell (river mussels) at home pekarang become an everyday sight upon entering the village of Siti Ambia and Suka Makmur, District Singkil, Aceh Singkil. Pieces of river mussels that have been collected by residents since the early morning.

The habit of looking seashell rooted hereditary for village residents Siti Ambia and Suka Makmur. No wonder in his spare time after school or recite a lot of teenage boy in the village was plumbed river seashell hunt.

Generally, residents of a small boat along the river channel. By midday or evening they were returning to the village with a sack of seashell hunting trophies. For a hundred pieces of seashell appreciated most expensive Rp 20 thousand. But since some time last seashell hunting activity faced with betting guts not kidding.

It is said that in the bottom of the river where there are many residents hunted lokan are crocodile nests. A number of fatalities have ever been falling. It happened repeatedly in front of the eye.

But ironically, the presence of crocodiles in the river never deterring hunters seashell. Seashell hunt was already a citizen choice Siti Ambia and Suka Makmur for the sake of living.

'' Despite no casualties eaten crocodile, still looking lokan citizens. Because that's the only livelihood of citizens here, '' said Sekdes Suka Makmur Irwansyah. According to residents, seashell hunt not just for eating.

Moreover lokan sales results are also used to pay school fees.

'' People are dependent riverbank looking seashell into the river. Not only is the story, many scholars and schoolchildren financed from looking seashell. If I had time to stop (looking seashell-red) would be financed out of nowhere, '' said Dawn, search seashell in Siti Ambia. Currently there are at least 500 lives depend on seashell hunt.

Routines that have lasted for decades was clearly visible on the skin that beserakan seashell on the edge of the houses. Even some who use it to fuel and stockpiling yard. Residents consider where there seashell in situ crocodile nesting. But it was just a story. But the fact that assumption was never dampen the courage of citizens seeking survival rations to compete with the predator.

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