In May and June it rains frequently down. Is it raining? In general, rain is the water and fall events from heaven to earth.

From many studies mentioned, in fact rainwater coming from the sea, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, FADs, fields, sewage, toilets, pools, and so on. In addition to water, as we see in the form fifiknya, water also evaporates into the air that comes from the human body, animals, plants, and other objects that contain water.

Water-the water is generally undergo a process of evaporation or evaporation, due to the help of the sun's heat. The evaporated water / into a vapor into the air, moving towards the high sky, along with vapors of water to another.

High in the sky that the vapor condenses or condensation to form a cloud. With the help of the wind clouds here and there can move both vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Clouds of each other in the sky or atmospheric temperature is low or cold, and form water droplets and ice. Because of the heavy and incapable of sustained wind, ultimately to water droplets or ice falling to the earth's surface, a process called precipitation. If the temperature is very low, the grain was down as snow.

Rain is not just down the form of water and ice, but also can take the form of dew and fog. Rain that falls onto the surface of the earth if encountering dry air, some rain may evaporate back into the air, and some fell to the ground.

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