You like sports pool? What are the health benefits? Among others:

RESPIRATORY: Swimming can practice breathing and strengthen / extend breath.

MUSCLE AND BONE: Swimming increase muscle and bone strength.

RAISING: In many studies mentioned swimming can elevate the body.

HEART: Swimming nourish the heart.

STRESS: Swimming can relieve stress. That increases endorphins in the brain so the mood is more calm and comfortable.

JOINTS: Swimming can relieve arthritis.

BABY: For babies to swim is useful to help the development of the baby's motor, helps with neurological development, helping the growth process, improve the immune system (the body's resistance to disease), helping courage babies, that are not easily shocked, so no fuss while bathing, helping adaptation infants another place.

PARENTS: Swimming for older people is useful to keep the bones in order to stay healthy, keep no dementia, prevent stroke, keeping the function of the heart and lungs, keep your body relaxed / casual, so not susceptible to disease. Well just how we swim but do not violate Islamic law. If you have a pool at home, certainly better swim in their own homes is not it ?.

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