In ancient times there was a king. His name Bahuputtaka. This name actually means "father with many sons". Queen named Khema. Both ruled in Benares. Benares is one of the holy cities in India.

One day, the Queen Khema, dreamed of a golden goose that speaks like a wise man. The queen then expressed his dream to the king and said that he was eager to see and hear the birds are so beautiful. King further requested information and submitted that many birds such as golden geese do exist, but rare and not easily found.

Many people submit to the king that would be very difficult to find this kind of goose in his kingdom. Nevertheless, they are there. So, the king sent his aides to find a lot of geese, which is estimated to be near a lake, very far away somewhere.

They also mobilize hunters to be looking for him and took him to Benares. Many people who advised the king to make a lake near the city so the goose would be interested in, and will stay there.

At that time, there were many geese that live in Mount Cittakuta. King called Dhatarattha. King's goose Dhatarattha very beautiful bird, with a shiny gold-colored fur. Well ... (Master jokes) He was inviting trouble !.

In the course of time, a great lake was made near Benares, and the king named the lake Khema, after the name of the queen. Flowers trees, flowers, and various kinds of rare plants pretty planted around the lake. In addition, the lotus flower, lotus, as well as a variety of vegetables and flowers planted in the lake water. And every day, a lot of people coming in and spread a little corn and grain to attract birds and the like.

Then the herald king, one of his assistants, will be announced aloud: the king of Benares welcomes all birds to come and live in peace in this beautiful lake! They will be protected from harm by the king's order and the king. "

So, the news of this lake reached the wild geese in Mount Cittakuta. They are facing the golden goose, and said, "Your Majesty! The king of Benares had made a great lake and fragrant near the city. He guarantees protection for all the birds that live there. The birds will be fed by the foresters. Let's go and see what kind of place it was. We are tired of living in this mountain top and had to find their own food. "

Thus, the golden goose, king flock to agree on their proposal. Then he and some of his flock flew towards Benares.

The king has ordered his hunters to monitor carefully from the edge of the lake. He told them to immediately set the trap when they saw the water approaching the golden goose. Head hunters surrounded the lake with his people day and night, waiting to capture this golden goose.

One morning he saw a large group of geese and a bird larger gold colored with feathers shimmering in the light of the sun, flying toward the lake. The hunter quickly set traps between lotus and lotus. He knew that the golden goose, which became its leader, would alight first on the water.

As a dense white cloud, 90,000 geese drifted down toward the lake. Golden goose track the water, and soon, his leg caught in a trap. Seeing the trapped leader, a flock of geese fly around, rang the danger, but not brave enough tried to save him. They went up and flew back toward Mount Cittakuta safely. Sumukha, captain goose head itself remain with the king.

The golden goose and then turned to ask him, and said, "The other geese have flown away, Sumukha! Without hesitation, they left me. Why are you waiting? Go quickly while you have the chance. When you stay here, you will be arrested as well. "

Sumukha, the captain's head, may escort the king goose, sat floating gracefully in the water beside the king, and said, "I'll never leave you, Swan King. Now that danger draws near, I will stay, and either live or die by your side. "

As they were talking, head hunters come closer to the lake. Sumukha decided to try to soften the heart of the hunter, and flew to him, begging him to release the golden goose. The hunter was stunned by the beauty of the great golden bird, and asked him, "All of your friends have escaped, noble goose. Do you not see the trap from a distance? "

The golden goose answered: "When life dying, and death draws near, it was useless to struggle against fate; so I do not see the trap. "

The hunter was very impressed by the wisdom of the golden goose. Sumukha he asked, "And why do you also stay here? Another goose is not seen again. You are free, but you still go on the side of this noble bird. Who is he that you do not leave a single moment? "

So, Sumukha replied, "He is my king, my friend, and my friend. I will never leave it even if I die. "

Hearing this, the hunter thought, "Indeed, this bird brave and noble. If I hurt them, then the gods will punish me. What care I would award the king? I will set them free. "He said to Sumukha," Because you are ready to die for the sake of friendship, then I will liberate your king. Then go to where you both want. "

He gently let go of the golden goose leg of the trap and wash the blood in the water crystal clear and pure. He repair muscles and tendons are twisted, and with the magic feet become whole again. There is no sign indicating the part that hooked.

Sumukha very happy to see a free king, and said to the hunter, "May you and your family always prosper, O hunter, because the king's generosity release me!"

The golden goose hunter asked, "Did you capture me for yourself or on the orders of others?"

"On the order of the king, I put jeratnya, O noble goose." The hunter told the golden goose the truth, and how the queen would like to see the amazing bird.

Golden goose muses, "Perhaps it would be best if I go to town. The hunters will be rewarded, and King Bahuputtaka known as a wise and good king. When I face him on my will, he will be satisfied and may decide to give me freedom on this beautiful lake. "

So, he said to the hunter, "Take us to the king. We'll talk to him, and if he is willing, he will deliver us.''

The hunter said, "O glorious swan, the king was not always generous. He can decide to hold you both as prisoners. "

But the golden goose said to him, "I have softened your heart, O hunter. Surely I can derive great king's generosity. Commit it to me! You do your job, and take me and Sumukha him. "

Thus, hunters carrying two birds on his pole, and take them to the palace.When the king and queen saw the two birds were nice, the one with gold shiny fur, and the other white as snow on the mountain tops, they are very fun. King put both of them in a gilded cage, and with his own hands gave them honey and seeds are good to eat, and to drink sweet water. Throughout the night, the king and the golden goose talk together about the duties of the king, and the king's policies.

The golden goose said to the king, "He is put off until late with a good will, it will degenerate. He will lose all his knowledge and experience will be a great loss. He who does not see the truth, it will not acquire wisdom.

Respect your children so they can grow wise and always follow the path of virtue. "That golden goose advise and encourage the king.

When dawn broke, she said goodbye to the king and queen, and together Sumukha faithful, flew out of a window on the north, and went away to Mount Cittakuta.

Now, we will wonder why as geese, there are only two geese were so noble, while the rest are ordinary goose cowardly. The amount is 90,000 and there are only two glorious!Thus, even in the animal kingdom there are many differences, not only in human beings. Maybe this is the way it should be. I do not know why it should be like that. Perhaps the pace of development in every living creature vary. Even within the same species there are also differences.

This is because one chooses upward, toward more noble; while others choose the general direction, the easy way, and the road is reaping more material. Perhaps the choice is we who determine whether we are noble or low.

And if we do not struggle with our own mind, and not trying to fix the thoughts, ideas, or actions, then we will always be at the same level as before - geese were very ordinary. We have fears, concerns, food, dreams, actions, and habits like those others.

There is no better quality in us, no increasing, and we are nothing more than geese that eat grass and drink water lake, and pass their life like this. Their life is also peace, harmony, free of tension; and they also look good. However, they do not get anything more, only grass and lake water only.

So now we must ask ourselves whether we want a peaceful life like that. Therefore, before I ever let you know you should not be too proud of the harmony of your family, your neighborhood is peaceful, the achievement of your wealth, and gain whatever you think comes to you through Master's blessing.

True, the Master will bless us with whatever we wanted, but we should not be satisfied with it and feel proud of that achievement, because this is nothing! Foul-smelling fertilizer necessary for the flowers, but the flowers was the one we wanted, not fertilizer.

Perhaps that is why the golden goose appears keemas-golden, so beautiful and wise; and the other geese seemed to be normal, you know, like in this story.

Maybe this is just a story of example so that we can understand the loneliness experienced by a king or a teacher. They like talking to a lot of goose fool who does not have a brain or human intelligence.

So, if this story is true or not, but there is a message truth. This story does not have a real earnest. , Or anything before. However, the story has a truth. Loneliness of a king or a teacher or a sage is clearly seen in this story.

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