Beautiful, resilient, energetic and entertaining. The figure of female police (Policewoman) Aceh Singkil district police made a surprise to the citizens of the village of Bara Land, Mount Meriah, Aceh Singkil. What's the story?

Police women were not only smart play behind the scenes. But they also tenacious and persistent to appear in public. Moreover, their presence in the community are directly related to social and humanitarian action. At least the portrait is drawn from a number of women police (Policewoman) Police Aceh Singkil were willing to explore the township residents to distribute the rice packages to the needy.

Their action when visited villagers of Bara Land, Mount Meriah, Aceh Singkil. Police woman's flawless met some poor residents home, handing him two plastic bags filled with rice.

"I never thought, suddenly they come and then give rice to us. I thank you all. They were beautiful, kind-hearted, "said Roslah (50), a resident of Bara land, Gunung Meriah who admitted impressed with the figure of female police officers visited his home yesterday. Mother of five whose husband left to wander it did not expect Polwan only previously seen on television screens come home simple.

In addition to asking reportedly, the police woman was also given rice aid as much as two plastic bags to Roslah. Previous residents not expecting the arrival of special guests to the village. Suddenly they saw a group of women who get into cycling township residents. Later it turns out they are known to the police woman.

The policewomen's look fashionable wearing distinctive brown uniform policewoman, wear headscarves plus a bike helmet and sunglasses. Using a bicycle with a uniform color, they go into the township visited homes to distribute rice to the poor people. Most Policewoman run social action that uses dirt bike. After the village of Bara Land, Mount Meriah, the journey continues to divide rice Aisyiyah Orphanage in Gunung Lagan, Aceh Singkil.

Beautiful, resilient, energetic and entertaining, adding the perfect figure of female police officers on duty at the police station's Aceh Singkil. Among them also have entertaining skills. As well as entertain children with dance Orphanage Aisyiyah orderly traffic. Some residents of the orphanage were surprised, and seemed to not believe can meet and betatap to face with the police woman's flawless. Moreover, their arrival without any notice at all to the orphanage.

"I think there is nothing, suddenly they come and then give us rice," said Najmiati, the head of the orphanage Aisyiah smiling. The look on his face feeling happy and thrilled.

Aceh Singkil District Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Brigadier M Ridwan through Turhamuna said activity is giving rice to needy people is a series commemorating the 68th Police Woman. "Not only rice, but on the anniversary Polwan this time, we also distribute groceries and flowers to the needy people," said Brigadier Turhamuna, one of the female police officer who took part in the social activities.

According to Brigadier Turhamuna action handed out rice to villagers is part of the police closer to the community. "If the citizens are already close to the police, in the future they will no longer worry and fear when it submitted a report to the police," he said.

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