Paula Suarez turned out to be a big fan of Real Madrid. But it was not just a coincidence, because she was close-proximity with Ronaldo. Paula is known fan of Los Blancos, the nickname of Madrid, far-away days before news of its proximity to Ronaldo circulated widely.

It was seen from the photos you uploaded the model on his Instagram account. If seen from some of the photos uploaded by Paula Suarez will be seen photos when he posed at the Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid.

Paula apparently did not once witnessed firsthand the match Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Colombian woman is even twice ever watch Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. 

Photos Paula Santiago Bernabeu taken more than a year ago. Many think that an intimate relationship with Ronaldo Paula actually has existed long enough, but their status is unclear, dating or just close friends.

Issues courtship was strengthened when paula look at the Giuseppe Meazza, May 29, 2016, when the Champions League final between Real Madrid contra Atletico Madrid. Paula reason to come to Real Madrid game became more obvious, namely to support direct action in the field Ronaldo.

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