Fath Makkah is a historic event of Islam, which Muslims had mastered Mecca.

The liberation of Makkah (Mecca Fath) is an event in which the end of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions managed to control Mecca and destroy the idols in the vicinity. So the holy Ka'ba back.

This event stems from an agreement Hudaybiyah in 628 AD It is an agreement between the Muslims and the Quraysh. This agreement occurred when a convoy led by the Prophet Muhammad was about to perform Hajj dibaitullah.

However, Quraysh saw it as a threat. If the people of Medina, the enemy Quraish came to Makkah, then the response of the people later? For this reason, the leaders of the Muslims of Quraysh binding in a treaty from being able to freely visit Makkah.

Tempers then Hudaybiya Agreement. Fill in between:

  1. Truce for ten years. 
  2. Muslims are justified in entering Mecca the following year, staying there for three days, with only carried one weapon. 
  3. Cooperate in the case that led to the good. 
  4. Quraysh who fled to the Islamic parties should be returned to Mecca. 
  5. Muslims who fled to Mecca is not returned to Medina. 
  6. Both sides should build up cooperation with other tribes but should not help in the event of war.
In the siege for 20 days by 10 thousand Quraish against Medina in 627 AD the Prophet Muhammad and 3,000 Muslims successfully defended Medina.

Finally in 630 precisely on the 10th of Ramadan 8 AH Prophet Muhammad along with 10,000 troops moved from Medina to Mecca, and then the overall control of Mecca, without bloodshed in the slightest, and to destroy the idols were placed in and around the shrine.

Future agreements used Hudaybiyah Prophet Muhammad. to spread Islam to the kings around Arabia. Responses also varied kings some accept and some refuse preaching of Prophet Muhammad SAW. During the life of the agreement anyway Hudaybiyah Islamic propaganda has reached across the Arabian peninsula. All that makes the state of the Quraish increasingly cornered.

Among the contents of the agreement is that all tribes Hudaybiyah allowed allied, either by Muslims or the Quraysh. The Muslims allied with the descendants Khuza'ah while Quraysh allied with the descendants of Bakar. Due to a problem of the descendants of descendants Khuza'ah Bakar attack, they killed some of the descendants of Khuza'ah and destroying their villages. Circumstances worsened when the Quraish tribe to help the children of Bakar. Such actions clearly violate the contents of the agreement Hudaybiyah.

Bani Khuza'ah complained to the Prophet Muhammad. Hearing this, the Prophet Muhammad immediately asked the Muslims made preparations to conguered Makkah. Hearing that, the Quraish feel daunted. The Prophet Muhammad delivered three messages to the Quraysh, namely:

  1. Quraysh pay diyat (fines). 
  2. The Quraysh decided communion with the children of Bakar. 
  3. The Quraysh claimed Hudaybiyah agreement is no longer valid.
Quraysh finally chose the third option. But Quraysh soon realized his mistake, they immediately sent Abu Sufyan to Medina to renew their choice. However, their efforts futile.

Victory City of Makkah

Preparations to leave for Makkah immediately, but the preparation is still a secret. But one friend named Hatib bin Balta'ah wrote a letter to the Quraish, he tells everything the Prophet Muhammad. He sent the letter through a woman. Hatib act is finally wafted also by the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet immediately sent Ali ibn Abi Talib and Zubayr ibn al-Awam to take back the letter. Finally, the letter can be drawn.

In the month of Ramadan in 8 H, Muslims managed to collect 10,000 troops. Towards Fathu Makkah, Abu Sufyan, the Quraysh leaders declared themselves to Islam. As a tribute to the events Fathu Makkah the Prophet Muhammad said: He who enters Abu Sufyan's house, he would be safe, he who closed the door she would be safe, and anyone who entered the Haram she will be safe ".

The fighting when events Fathu Makkah is the Ikrimah da Sufyan. More residents of Makkah embraced Islam in droves. Prophet Muhammad felt no grudge against the residents of Mecca. Instead of the Prophet Muhammad to forgive all the mistakes in the past residents of Makkah.

The Prophet Muhammad entered Mecca from above. He and all the Muslims are grateful for the victory of the Muslims. Prophet Muhammad SAW. immediately enter the Haram, as well as destroying a historical.

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