Abu Jahl was one of the leaders of Quraish were very anti-Islam in the time of Muhammad's prophethood. He along with his wife, Umm Jameel, often spread terror to Muhammad and adherents in Mecca Period (610-623 AD). Various incessant vile behavior made Abu Jahl and his family against the Prophet Muhammad.

Abu Jahl once threw the Prophet Muhammad when he was praying with animal feces. While his wife routinely putting unclean in front of the house of the Prophet. But Prophet Muhammad did not hold a grudge and never tried to reciprocate.

As Prophet Muhammad, Abu Jahl was a descendant of the Quraish tribe and a native (asoe lhok) City of Mecca. Abu Jahl was the Prophet Muhammad and his neighbors is not how far from the shrine, is approximately 1 km.

Now, their former house of Abu Jahl was part of the Grand Mosque complex. Her former home has been used as a public toilet (toilet) on the mosque's congregation. Public restroom is located about 200 meters from the door to the outside sa'i (mas'a), precisely in the door to the outside of Marwah.

Intrigued by the house of Abu Jahl, I tried to find out (track) located after doing Umrah. "It was in front there lies the former home of Abu Jahl. Now it has become a public toilet, "said the guard door in Arabic.

Marwah visible from the door of a building on the land is hilly. From near the toilet will be seen reading in Arabic and English. The toilet is equipped with dozens of tap water for berwudhuk was designated for the mosque's congregation.

As other pilgrims, I'm using this toilet to defecate is followed by berwudhuk. The toilet is clean enough. Relentless janitor mopping the floor. The water supply is very adequate, even provided warm water at every faucet WC.

The building is fairly large toilet. Dozens lined lavatory door. So is tap water for berwudhuk. It is estimated that the land measuring about 100 x 40 square meters. This reinforces the notion that Abu Jahl was rich and important figures of his time.

In addition to the house adjacent to the shrine, the land is also quite extensive. In building a toilet that does not have the words "This is the former home of Abu Jahl". But those of us who are curious about the house of Abu Jahl, staying just ask the concierge mosque Arab nation. They've mengetahuhinya hereditary and willingly shows the layout of the house of Abu Lahab's sidekick.

Although the former home of Abu Jahl has now become part of the Haram, but he still did not get a reward reward endowment. This is not because Abu Jahl is the enemy of Islam and never enter Islam (repentance) before dying. This is the difference with Abu Sufyan Abu Jahl, the commander of the Quraysh of Mecca, but eventually converted to Islam at the time of the Prophet Muhammad liberating Mecca in the year 8 after Hijrah.

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