1. Hajji Hassand Bolkiah

Hajji Hassand Bolkiah is the richest monarch in the world today. He is the Sultan of Brunei to 29 and his wealth is estimated at 22 billion dollars. He collected 3000 to 6000 cars in the garage of his palace, Istana Nurul Iman, the Brazilians is the official residence. The palace is known to be the largest palace in the world, much bigger than the Vatican palace. When erecting the palace at a cost of 350 million dollars. Having 1788 rooms, 257 bathrooms, and a total area reached 2,152,782 square feet.

2. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan


Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan He is the Lord of the Kingdom of the United Arab Emirates.Aged 59 years and kekayaannyalebih value of 20 billion dollars. This work has a tenth of the oil reserves in the whole dunia.Kediaman Amiti Palace is the official.

Interesting fact: a luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace, which is managed by the Kempinski Group, is probably the most expensive hotel ever built in the world. Abu Dhabi government had to raise $ 3 billion to make it happen. Often mistaken as the presidential palace. The hotel has 400 rooms and the interior is decorated by gold and marble are also of high quality.

3. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia king's royal ruler and his fortune is estimated at 19 billion dollars. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz 83 years and increasingly wealthy because hadil of oil and gas reserves and the course of the implementation of the Hajj revenue.

4.Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai

He was Chief Executive Officer of the Kingdom of the UAE and in Dubai age of 57 years, his fortune is estimated at 16 billion dollars.

5. Bhumibal Bhumibal Adulyadej Adulyadej King

King of Thailand and his fortune valued at $ 5 billion. King of the oldest in the region of Southeast Asia. He is listed as the longest reigning monarch in Thai history. He uses his wealth in rural development projects in the country. King holds the record as it has honorary degrees from universities in the world (136 degrees). The royal palace in Bangkok was built in 1782.

6. Hans-Adam II Hans-Adam II von Liechtenstein

King smaller countries in the euro area Liechtenstein. 62 years and will soon inherit a rich dynasty 900 years old. has a wealth of 4.3 billion dollars. He spends his time collecting art and also manages some of the business empire founded by keluarganya.Arsitektur-gothic main building. The palace entrance gate has a height of up to 11 meters.

7. King Mohammed IV of Morocco

King Mohammed IV of Morocco are still young age of 44, is said to be the world's youngest billionaire empire. His personal wealth is estimated at 2 billion dolar.Istana is known for its lush green gardens and the entrance gates are truly majestic.

8. Prince Albert Monarch

Prince Albert of Monaco Monarch is the ruler of the kingdom. Aged 49 years, his fortune is estimated at 1.2 billion dollars. He was not married and became one of the richest bachelor in all dunia.Pangeran this one is known as the head of the only countries in the world who never visited the North Pole. He also served as Global Advisor to Orphans International.

The palace is open to the public during the summer. The palace of events such as open-air concerts to children's Christmas party. In the palace there is also an Italian-style art gallery as well as many other magnificent exhibition space. Throne room reminiscent of the Renaissance.

9. Sheikh Hamed Bin Khalifa Al Thani

Sheikh Hamed Bin Khalifa Al Thani is the Emir of Qatar and His wealth is estimated at $ 1 billion. Berusia55 years and is known throughout the world ever overthrown his father 10 years ago, Qatar country Yangmemiliki extensive oil reserves as well as countries that often have the most natural gas reserves in the world.

Sheikh Hamad develop petroleum resources and natural gas. Fame is also attributed to the modernization of its armed forces. Royal Palace is in Doha but he does not live there. The palace is used for parliamentary affairs and for receiving guests.

10. Prince Aga Khan

Prince Aga Khan (71 years) is the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslim with an estimated wealth of $ 1 billion US dollars. Aga Khan the Aga Khan Development Network that invests in various development projects in Asia and Africa. He donated his palace to India in 1969 to honor Mahatma Gandhi and the Gandhian philosophy. The palace, located in Pune, India, was built CE 1892. The aim of establishing the Aga Khan palace was to provide employment to the local people who were hit by

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