According to the theory, the human brain is able to memorize due to work right. Why right brain?

The brain is the control center of the body controller. It is the brain that control how we think, interact (with each other), work, govern other limbs, and other activities. One second brain dies, we die. Brain is divided into two. The left brain and the right brain, which functions.

From various studies, various human activities are controlled by parts of the brain are different. In general, human activities are divided into two groups, the activity of which is controlled by the right brain, and the brain activity that is controlled by the left.

Theories about the different functions of the right brain and the left brain has been popular since 1960. A researcher named Roger Sperry discovered that the human brain consists of two hemispheres (parts), the right brain and left brain have different functions. For his services, he is awarded the Nobel in 1981. In addition, he also found that when the brain is at work right then left brain tend to be quieter, and vice versa.

In general, the right brain play a role in intelligence EQ (Emotional Quotient), such as equality of things, fantasy, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color. Right brain memory is long (long term memory). If there is damage to the right brain, for example in stroke or brain tumor, then that disturbed brain function is visual and emotional capabilities, for example.

Meanwhile, the left brain play a role in intelligence IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as terms of differences, numbers, sequence, writing, language, calculation and logic. Left brain memory is short term (short term memory). If there is damage to the left hemisphere, there will be disturbances in the function of speech, language and mathematics.

Both hemispheres are connected by the corpus callosum called a baffle that is formed as a collection of fibers. Through the corpus callosum is the right brain and the left brain communicate with each other. Thus, the activity of each part of the brain known to another part. This enables the process of collaboration both hemispheres process information.

Communication or connection between the two hemispheres of the brain, left brain and right brain, as evidenced by a study conducted by Ronald E. Myers and Roger W. Sperry (1953). The study was aimed to prove that the two hemispheres actually communicate or relate.

The research they do is to cut the corpus callosum cats. Initially the cats that became the object of the experiment looks normal and is not much affected by the operations performed. Then they conducted the testing with train cats to do tasks with one eye closed.

For example, the cat should encourage a marked rectangular panel ignoring the panel marked with a circle, in order to obtain food. Then the researchers shut down the other side of the cat's eye and test it again in a similar manner.

The result, it seems that the cats behave as if they belumm ever learn such tricks. Thus, one side of the brain does not know what the other side of the brain, as though it caused no two minds in one body.

In the everyday life, the right brain and left brain naturally work together in many ways. The closest example eg mathematical ability. The actual math skills not just involve parts or areas of the left brain, the left parietal lobe, but also involves areas of the brain on the right, the right parietal lobe. The left parietal lobe is required to calculate the exact amount using the language, 1 plus 1 equals 2. The right parietal lobe is required to perform a visual or spatial imagery, one farther to 9 than 4.

Left brain thinking processes are logical, sequential, linear, and rational. The left hemisphere tends to break everything down into parts and more recognize the difference of the finding of characteristics in common. In addition, the left hemisphere process the world in a way that linear and trace. The left brain is based on reality capable of abstract and symbolic interpretation. This way of thinking is appropriate for regular tasks, verbal expression, writing, reading, audiotorial association, put details and facts, phonetic, and symbolism. 

To his way of thinking right hemisphere are random, irregular, intuitive and holistic. Way of thinking according to the ways of knowing that are nonverbal, such as feelings and emotions, awareness with regard to feelings (feel the presence of an object or person, spatial awareness, recognition of shapes and patterns, music, art, color sensitivity, creativity and visualization.

The right hemisphere is more able to see the overall picture by taking into account and incorporating it into a general description. The right hemisphere is involved in the equalization process involving many operations at once.

Differences in function between the left and right brain can be grouped as follows:

  •  The left brain controls the right side of the body, while the right brain controls the left side of the body. 
  •  The left brain to think in sequence, while the right brain are simultaneous. 
  •  The left brain to focus on the text, while the right brain to focus on the context. 
  •  Left brain function is to analyze the details, while the right brain is viewed as a whole. 
  •  The left brain is involved in the process of logical thinking, analytical, linear and rational act. The right brain function in terms of the equation, fantasy, creativity, shape or space, emotion, music and color.

Has some properties such as more flexible (quickly adjust), accept new things that sometimes illogical (not unreasonable), imaginative (fictional), full of innovation (to be renewal), creative (have creativity), and done not consciously based on habits. The right brain is long term memory (long term memory). Then the brain called the right brain imagination.


Has a rigid nature, systematic (organized according to the system), logical (reasonable) and conscious, and full of excuses. Has a memory (memories) are short. If a person tends to dominate (master) left brain, then any action done will be done based on the sequences, bandwagon. Sometimes.

Because too much thinking / judgment ultimately not be doing the job. The left brain is associated with speech. People who are good at public speaking is usually very good at what she said. While the right brain functions to assemble beautiful words.


The midbrain is a small part of the brain stem. It lies midway between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The brain stem consists of, midbrain, pons, and medulla oblongata. All three parts are working together, as a team that set the basic functions of the brain stem, such as breathing and connecting large brain with the spinal cord. If our middle brain surgery again, you will see two sections, tektum and cerebral peduncle. Both were very instrumental in the process of hearing and vision. 

Hearing process starts from a signal received from a variety of core propagated toward the thalamus of the brain stem. After that, we could hear the noise. Besides hearing, midbrain was also acting as the vision and eye movement control. If the brain is not functioning properly, the vision was so disturbed.

All sensory information leading to other parts of the brain will first pass through the midbrain first. That is, the middle brain is functioning as a receiver, regulating and channeling information to the important parts of the brain.

If the central brain function is activated, the term is known as the midbrain activation, it will emit stronger than the midbrain that is not yet active. Midbrain this will be a balancing development of the left brain and right brain.

Of the various examples of cases of people or children who are brain center is activated through a training suah, the person or the child is able to perform various activities with their eyes closed, run without crashing, to guess the color with just felt it, and so on. Even greater benefits from activating the midbrain child may see through a wall or other solid object.

How to activate the midbrain usually use Alpha brain waves. This wave is a wave proved scientifically that appear dominant when we are relaxed and most creative. These waves usually arise when we wake up, or in a relaxed state in the toilet, or having a bath of hot water.

When the midbrain has been activated, automatically also the function of the right brain and the left brain will be in balance. The left brain is no longer pressing the right brain and vice versa.

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