The uniqueness of the shape of the building of a mosque in Baros, Cimahi, West Java, making it not just a place prayed. After prayers, the majority of people usually flock to the 'chimney' to take pictures or enjoy the view of the horizon from the heights.

The ship-shaped unique mosque is located in the village Ampi Mr. Baros, Cimahi, West Java. The mosque was set on the ground wakah H. Budianto the family, its official name is Masjid Al-Baakhirah. But people call the mosque the ship because it looks like the ship, although only half.

Son of the late H. Budianto. Testa Radenta Budianto explained. The story of Noah and his profession as a master of the ship is to inspire families to build a mosque-shaped vessel. '' This mosque building area of ​​about 110 square meters and a land area of ​​about 200 square meters.

The room below could only accommodate about 100 worshipers, but if the top floor and used the mosque courtyard, can accommodate up to 200 worshipers, '' said Tim Testa when receiving Tour de Java Homecoming 2016 visit to Masjid ship last week.

Ornaments also decorate the interior of the ship Mosque in between buoys and anchors. A photograph of the late H. Budianto mounted in the front room. Pulpit for preaching the ship was hit by a touch of ornament. On the pulpit made of wood, carved anchor in the middle. While the room light panel is designed like a ship's wheelhouse.

Masjid Al-Baakhirah not use the dome on the roof. The top of the mosque is a flat plane. In flat areas that are imitation chimney and a small stage for a radar and antenna.

At any time, especially during Ramadan, many visitors who want to the roof to enjoy the view and take pictures. '' We've been anticipating how to deal with the many citizens who want to rise to the top, '' said Testa.

Testa said, at the beginning of the mosque was opened, in May 2016, many people came and they tried to climb onto the roof. Testa and administrators Masjid any inconvenience due to limited capacity of the roof of the mosque was temporary residents who want to go there very much.

Testa and mosque administrators then create rules to restrict the visitors who climbed onto the roof. '' Now we limit, which rose only 10 people and only 20 minutes on, after the turn of the next group. During the waiting queue, we ask them to pray first, '' he said.

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