If you read the history of female friends at the time of Rasulullah SAW, we will find an incredible awe. They are not only knowledgeable, morals, and good at reading the Koran, but also good sword, horse riding and archery, and not least also be a '' doctor '' intelligent companions of the Prophet treat the wounded on the battlefield. In fact, there are among those who cut off his hand because protecting Rasulullah SAW.



Noble Rasulullah SAW stood on top of Mount Uhud and looked at the enemy surging forward toward himself. When the Prophet looked to the right, it appears a woman was waving a sword with a gallant protect himself. When looking to the left, the Prophet also saw her doing the same thing. Then Rasulullah SAW said, '' It is not I look to the right and to the left in the battle of Uhud unless I see NUSAIBAH bint Ka'b fight my defense. ''

Such proof of love and loyal Nusaibah Ansyariyah bint Ka'b to the Prophet, so that when he saw his master in danger, he advanced wagging his sword. Therefore, Nusaibah known as Umrah or heroine Umm Islam risked body and soul for the sake of Islam including Yamamah participate in the war under the leadership of Commander Khalid bin Walid to cut off his hand. Um Umrah well together in the execution Rasulullah SAW Ridwan Baitur (pledge of allegiance to be able to martyrdom in the way of Allah).

In the battle of Uhud, Nusaibah bring water spots and to follow her husband and two children to the battlefield. At that time Nusaibah witnessed how the Muslim forces began to rout the enemy surging forward while Rasulullah SAW stood up without a shield. A Muslim man ran back, carrying his shield, the Rasulullah SAW called to him, '' provide a shield to the war. '' He was throwing his shield and then collected by Nusaibah to protect the Prophet.

Um Umrah said his experience at the Battle of Uhud, namely: '' I went to Uhud and see what people are doing. At that time I took the place of water. Then I came to the Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi Wassalam which is in the midst of his companions. When the Muslims suffered a defeat, I protect Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi Wassalam, then participated in the battle. I'm trying to protect Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi Wassalam with a sword, I also use the arrow so finally I get hurt.' '  

He also saw the wound behind the ear Nusaibah and called out to his son, '' Your mother, your mother, balutlah wound! O Allah, make them comrades in heaven! '' Whereupon, Nusaibah said to her, '' I do not care what happens to me in this world. '' Subhan Allah, indeed Nusaibah loyal to the Rasulullah SAW.

2. Khaulah bint AZUR, KSATRIA riding BLACK

Who is this black knight riding? That Khaulah bint Azur. He's a strong Muslim body and soul. He is a figure tall, slender and well-built. Since childhood Khaulah love and good at playing swords and spears, and keep practicing until it was time to use his skills to defend Islam with the other Mujahidah.

Narrated how in one war against pagan Romans under the leadership of Commander Khalid bin Walid, suddenly appeared a horseman clad in black clothes who deftly rode into the middle of a battlefield. Like a hungry lion ready to pounce, equestrian figure was wagging his sword and in a short time to subvert the three enemies.

Commander Khalid bin Walid and his entire army was amazed at the dexterity figure in black. They wondered who the fighters were sealed over his body and his eyes only just visible. The spirit of jihad Muslim troops also burned back so knowing that the Black Rider host horseback riding in black is a woman!

Khaulah courage tested when he and some enemies captured in battle Mujahidah Sahura. They were locked and guarded for several days. While it is impossible to escape, but Khaulah would not give up and continued to encourage his friends.

He said, '' You guys were fighting in the way of Allah, do you want to become a masseur Romans? Want to be a slave to the unbelievers? Where the price yourself as a fighter who wants to get to heaven God? Where is your honor as a Muslim? Better to die than be a slave to the Romans! '' 

Thus Khaulah continue burning spirit of the Muslim until they are unanimous determination against enemy soldiers escorting them, they are willing to die a martyr if they fail to escape. '' Do not sisters at all times trembling and afraid. Break their spears, swords destroy them, multiply takbir and strengthen the heart. God willing, God's help is near. It is said that, ultimately, because of their beliefs, Khaulah et al managed to escape from the confinement of the enemy! Subhan Allah.


Nailah binti al-Farafishah was the wife of the Caliph Ustman bin Affan. He famously beautiful and clever. When there is a slander that divide Muslims in the year 35 AH, Nailah took up the sword to defend her husband. When an enemy bursts in with his sword drawn, Nailah seized the sword. But, again depriving the enemy's weapons to cause Nailah severed fingers.

Ustman blade of the sword was martyred by the rebels. Tears spilled Nailah lap when her husband's body. Ustman after death, Nailah berkabung for 4 months 10 days. He did not Berdan-and and ornate and not leave the house Ustman to his father's house.

Nailah loyalty to her husband looked after him more powerful and bigger than what he saw to his father, his sister, his mother, and karabatnya. When Ustman killed, he said, '' you really have to kill him. Though he has turned the night with the Koran in a series of cycles. '' Subhan Allah! Hopefully this time Muslim women can take their cue from them, Amin.

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