His name is Abu Uthman Amr ibn Bahr al-Kinani al-Fuqaimi al-Basri / Al Jahiz. He examines biology, zoology, evolution, germ, evolutionary theory, adaptation, animal psychology. Abu Uthman was the first person to examine the science of animals (zoology). The eminent zoologist from Basra, Iraq, is the first Muslim scientist to spark the theory of evolution. His famous work is the book of Ritab al-Haywan (Book on Animals).

In the book he wrote about germs, evolutionary theory, adaptation, and animal psychology. Al-Jahiz was noted as the first biologist to record the change of bird life through migration (migration from one place to another).

In addition to Al-Hayawan, Al-Jahiz also wrote the book of al-Bukhala (Book of Misers or Avarice & the Avaricious), al-Bayan wa al-Tabyin (The Book of Eloquence and Demonstration), Moufakharat al Jawari wal Ghilman (The Book of Dithyramb of Concubines and Ephebes), and Risalat Mufakharat al-Sudan 'ala al-Bidan (Superiority of the Blacks to the Whites).

During his 25 years of schooling, Al-Jahiz studied many things, such as Arabic poetry, Arabic philosophy, Arabic and Persian history before Islam, and the Qur'an and hadith.

Jhon William Draper, a contemporary Western biologist with Charles Darwin once said, '' The theory of evolution developed by Muslims is much more than we should have done. Muslim biologists have been researching things about organic and minerals. ''

Al-Jahiz is a Muslim biologist who first developed the theory of evolution / change. The nineteenth-century scientist reveals the environmental impact to the possibility of an animal surviving.

Al-Jahiz as the first biologist to express the theory of struggle to live (struggle for existence). '' In order to survive, living beings must struggle, as they have experienced during their lifetime, '' he said. Al-Jahiz was born in Basra, Iraq in 781 CE, died in Baghdad 869 AD, at the age of 93 years.

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