The appearance of Bripda Muthia, beautiful policewoman who once served in Paminal Polres Bogor City make social media users in Indonesia excited.

Not a few numbers of people who immediately fell in love to see Muthia beauty is considered equivalent to Korean artists.

Being a female cop is not an easy thing. This ferocious work requires that its members be physically and mentally ready. Not all women are able to go through everyday life in the police world that is seen very hard.

In addition to Bripda Muthia, 7 beautiful women in a number of other countries below prove that they are able to run the profession as a policewoman.

1. Former Sexy Model in South Korea

South Korea is one of the centers of beautiful women. However, only a small percentage of those who want to miss the harsh world of police.

One of the few beautiful women who plunge into this frightening job in South Korea is Kim Miso.

This beautiful 26-year-old woman had previously become a beauty queen for the Miss Maxim Korea 2014 contest and track career in the world of modeling before finally decided to become a policewoman.

The immediate public attention centered on a number of pictures of him wearing a police uniform he uploaded on his social media account. People's Daily Online even dubbed Kim the most beautiful policewoman in the country.

The South Korean Police Academy confirmed that former model Kim Miso has been successful through heavy physical training and is now working as a police officer in Seoul.

2. Beautiful-Berantas Mafia

The 23-year-old Albanian man managed to steal the world's attention after his extraordinary beauty and greatness in his career as a policeman in social media.

Who would have thought, Anisa Zani, blond haired woman with a beautiful elegant looks like a barbie would be comfortable with this work between life and death?

As reported by the Mirror, Anisa is not just an ordinary cop. He is a member for a special team of local state police elite, Shqponjat.

Every day he is faced with criminal-class kakap to the mafia boss in the world of drug circulation. This means he has managed to protect himself from the danger of gunfire flying towards him as well as from the grenades that are propagated in locations where the team operates in particular.

"I am very grateful God has blessed me with a number of advantages," said Anisa, as quoted by Buzz Flare.

3. Smart Singing Policewoman

A Filipino policeman, Jenny Ian Lee-Kalayakan has become a sensation on the internet after he uploaded a series of dubsmash compilation videos.

Beauty 32-year-old woman was successful in making many people in the world glance at him.

When interviewed by ABS-CBN, Jenny admitted she did not think that her video would become popular on the internet and her profession would unfold. He is known to work as a police officer assigned to protect people in the Barangay San Jose Gusu area, Zamboanga City, Philippines.

4. Policewoman Beautiful Long Legs

Young Taiwanese pediatrician Huang Yichun has recently become the focus of Taiwanese society. Not long after, his popularity spread all over the world.

Not only the sweet face, this 23-year-old Huang is also endowed with two smooth legs.

Not a few number of people who think of it as Gigi Leung, top singer from Hong Kong.Reporting from the Daily Mail, Huang is a graduate of the Taipei Police Academy in 2013 who is now employed in two police offices within the city of Taipei, Taiwan.

The policewoman's long-legged task is to provide protection to the elderly in the city.

5. Cute Polish from China

The 24-year-old Chinese Xinjiang woman's 24-year-old sentiment was astonished by her ability to be not only limited to policewomen but to members of the local police force.

At Li, in a similar microblog site Twitter, Weibo, claimed to be a native Tajik woman, an area within the Xinjiang region.

Launched from People, the photos are now the center of attention of many people around the world and the number of fans is increasing.

As reported by News 24, the head of a special police department unit praised Di Li for his hard work as a cop and how he was always serious in handling a given case.

Not only his family, Di-Li also make proud friends in the army, especially in the police. Di-Li admitted he became more motivated to work and combat crime.

6. Sexy Policewoman

The elegance of Emma Wanjiru, a policewoman in the city of Nyali, Kenya, Africa is praised not only by the citizens of the country, but also people around the world.

In addition to beautiful and sexy, Emma is also considered to understand fashion and know how cool style.

"I am grateful to my mother who has raised me up to now become a policewoman," Emma told Nairobi News.

Emma's father used to be a cop for the local town.

7. Similar Dolls

Beautiful and sexy Russian policewoman Anastasia Chepkasova has been in the spotlight of the town of Barnaul since she assumed the position of law enforcement in her 24 years.

"I keep manicure and pedicure on weekends. Women will always be women, whatever their profession, "he told the Siberian Times.

According to him, having a profound sangar does not mean a woman should stop keeping her beauty and physical beauty.


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