At one time the Holy Prophet was on his way from Mecca to emigrate to Medina. That day the Meccans gathered together in Darun Nadwah (the name of a meeting place), at Abu Jahal's house.

In the meeting, it was decided to hold a contest, '' Whoever managed to bring Muhammad to us, or managed to bring his head, we Quraish infidel leaders will give gifts of 100 black camels whose eyes are black, '' came the voice of a man who declared the contest out loudly .

Hearing the contest, suddenly, stood one of the followers of the meeting. His name is Suraqah bin Malik. Boldly he said, '' I am able to bring Muhammad. '' After that without thinking again, Suraqah straight out of the meeting to chase the Messenger of Allah.

When he found the Messenger of Allah, in his spirit, Suraqah drew his sword to kill the Messenger of Allah.

At that moment, Allah SWT shows His power. Allah Almighty ordered the earth to obey the command of the Messenger of Allah. The Holy Prophet ordered the earth to hold Suraqah so that Suraqah and his horse sank into the earth to the extent of his knees.

When he saw his horse unable to get up, Suraqah pleaded for help to Allah's Apostle, saying, '' O Muhammad, secure me! Please be safe! '' Then Rasulullah Saw prayed to Allah SWT to help Suraqah almost swallowed the earth. Finally, Suraqah was free from the danger that almost took his life.

After saving the Suraqah, the Prophet went back on his way to Medina. However, Suraqah again chases the Prophet with a drawn sword in his hand. Apparently he still wanted to kill the Prophet in order to pursue a gift of 100 black camels that black eyes.

As before, Allah swt again ordered the earth to swallow the legs of the Suraqah horses. In fact, now amblasnya to the limit of his navel. For fear of swallowing the earth, Suraqah again begged the mercy and help of the Prophet Muhammad with very sighed he said '' O Muhammad, save me. I will not hurt you again after this. ''

Due to hear such a heartbreaking appeal of Suraqah, Allah's Apostle returns to plead Allah to save Suraqah.

After surviving for the second time, Suraqah then descends from his horse and faces the Messenger of Allah to ask forgiveness for his evil deeds. With great tenderness, the Holy Prophet forgave Suraqah. Finally, at that time, Suraqah declared Islam in the presence of Rasulullah Saw. Suraqah converted to Islam.

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