The existence of animals on earth is known to exist, even before humans were created. So, no wonder if the animal is the oldest creature in the world. In fact, many animals are also related in the stories of the Prophet and the Prophet. Here are 7 life stories of animals in the life of the Prophet and the Prophet.

1. The whale in the story of the prophet Yunus As

Prophet Yunus had experienced despair because his constant preaching to his people was always rejected. So in the end he left them and boarded a ship. However, in the middle of the journey the ship was overloaded, so there must be some passengers who relieved themselves to leave the ship-thrown into the sea.

They then finally do the lottery, and the result of the lottery of Allah SWT predestined the Prophet Yunus must be thrown into the sea. And the unexpected thing happened, he was confined in a whale's belly for 40 days without chewing. Then Jonah realized his mistake and begged Allah for mercy.

Fish Nun (big whale) is the largest inhabitant of the ocean, this is the type of blue whale, weighing more than 150 thousand pounds, the size of his body as long as 30 meters. Approximately the size of this whale is the size of a five-story building, while for the weight of approximately 25-30 elephants. Because of its size, it is not surprising that this fish can block a large ship.

2. Spider in the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Prophet Muhammad SAW was once pursued by Quraish infidels. They did everything they could to find the Prophet. The lure of 100 camels for those who succeeded in killing the Messenger of Allah is one of those ways. When Rasulullah SAW traveled to Medina, Allah SWT sent a small spider to perched on the mouth of Tsur Cave which is his hiding place. The spider makes the perfect net to cover the mouth of the cave, so that the cave looks long enough for no human or animal enters to enter; The spider web looks like it has been very long made.

Thanks to the help of Allah SWT, the spider web finally managed to fool the Quraysh not to enter the cave. And it turns out spider silk web is very famous for its strength and keelastisitasnya, to make Boeing 747 aircraft dead in the air. In addition, cobwebs are believed to be stronger than steel, thus inspiring the United States military to make bulletproof jackets made from spider webs.

3. Bird Hud Hud in the story of Prophet Sulayman

Prophet Sulayman is a prophet who has many followers from various groups, such as the jinns, humans, and also animals. They are all righteous followers. Of the animals, one of them is a hud hud bird.

In this story, hud hud is a kind of woodpecker described as a loyal bird, possessing intelligence and brilliance in thinking; So that in the journey of the traveler, he is not solely to seek food but also for a noble cause, that is for the spread of Islam. Subhan Allah! It has a length of about 25-29 cm with a wingspan of 44-48 cm.

But the amazing fact about this bird is not just the things mentioned above, but this bird is capable of banging its beak up to 20 times a beat per second-which may take a hard head to hold. Amazingly, the fact that this type of bird can be fairly soft on the back of the head that there are parts like a sponge; Useful to absorb the impact caused by the bird's pecking style.

4. Ants in the story of Prophet Sulayman

One day that Prophet Sulayman finished his prayers at the beach, his views were fixed on the sand. He who has a miracle can understand the language of animals, was seeing a herd of ants carrying a green leaf.

Amazingly, the leaves are carried by a frog to the seabed to feed a caterpillar wedged in a rock. Ants are animals that are famous for having high solidarity among people, one of the most advanced insect species on earth and hardly any other insects as strong as they are.

In addition, ants are animals that have a greater proportion of the brain than other parts of their bodies, hence they are known as intelligent species than other insects. That's only natural, considering they have approximately 250 thousand brain cells in his head.

5. Snake in the story of Prophet Musa AS

In his day, Prophet Musa (AS) was once accused of being a highly skilled magician. Why not, because when he threw his wand, then the stick instantly turned into a snake.

The action is then performed by the actual sorcerer, but the wand's wand actually does not turn into a snake. The only snakes that appear are illusory illusions; The people who see will see the stick as a snake.

Then the original snake from Moses' sticks swallowed the illusionary snake from the sorcerer. And in the end, the sorcerer is also doing to God-because of the wonder of the miracles given by Allah SWT to Prophet Musa As.

6. Camels in the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW

At the time of the Prophet, as well as other prophets, camels were usually used as vehicles, not excluded as vehicles when fighting. Animals that live in the desert has a strong force that has a positive value to be reliable in the face of travel. However, the camel was not able to run as fast as a horse, unless the effects of Jabril camel bin Abdullah: because it has been prayed by the Prophet. The camel has a very amazing thing, which can run as fast as lightning.

The incident began when Jabril took part in the war to defend Islam. Jabril told me that he never went out with the Prophet in a war, but the camel he was riding slow so it makes limping before the war. Then, Rasulullah approached him and recited the prayer so that the camel can walk very fast.

7. Goat in the story of Prophet Ibrahim As

In this story, the Prophet Ibrahim, who is said to have the same strength as the 40-point force of the common man with a sharp knife, has been commanded by God to slaughter his own son, Ishmael's Prophet, to show his obedience to God's command.

Of course as a devoted servant, he would do it. But, seeing his obedience, Allah then sends the angel Gabriel to replace the position of Prophet Ismail with the fat goat gibas. So, with an instant the Prophet Ismail also escaped from death and who diseburus by his father is the goat gibas, the oldest goat that has been on earth since 7000 BC.

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