STAR of Polish football, Robert Lewandowski felt a happy moment when his wife, Anna Lewandowska gave birth to a cute and beautiful baby. The moment of birth is the long-awaited moment. For a long time they had prepared Klara's name for her. Through his social media account, Lewandowski immediately uploaded a photo while he was carrying and kissing Klara, the baby born on Thursday (4/5).

'' Today we have become the parents of Clare! Thanks to my wife Anna Lewandowska for her patience! A proud father, '' Lewandowski wrote.

Yes, which husband does not feel happy when watching his son born and carrying his son for the first time? The love fruits he had been looking forward to for a long time.

For many couples, including Lewandowski and Anna, the presence of children is surely the most beautiful gift awaited after their marriage. Not only as a complement, the presence of children also brings infinite happiness to their families.

Klara's birth into the world became a precious moment. She waits for him with a feeling of tension and excitement. No wonder, then he felt the euphoria over the birth of Klara, the baby.

Lewandowski also felt amazed at Anna's struggle, his beloved wife. From the moment of pregnancy, always patiently maintain the condition of his and her baby's health.

For a long time, Lewandowski announced that his wife Anna was pregnant and had calculated the expected birth of her baby.

He once did a special celebration for Anna who was pregnant big. It was shown during a game between his team Bayern Munich against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League in early December last year.

During the game, he scored and made a celebration by putting the ball into his T-shirt. Her thumbs she put into her mouth indicating the style of the baby was breastfeeding. That goal he dedicated to Anna and his unborn child, and at the same time he gave an announcement about his wife's pregnancy that will give birth in the future.

Since the announcement of Anna Lewandowska's pregnancy, the news about Anna's pregnancy is the subject of several media articles that often appear everyday, both in print and in other media.

Robert Lewandowski and Anna Lewandowska (Stachurska) are married on June 22, 2013. Their wedding photos are circulating a few days later. The couple's marriage ceremony was held at St. Anne, Trebki Nowe, Poland. While the wedding was held at a hotel in Dwor Zlotopolska.

Anna Stachurska is a woman who has a sports background. Anna is a national athlete of Polish karate. At the 2009 World Karate Championship, Lewandowski's wife won a bronze medal.

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