Jade Stone of Aceh.
Jade, is one of the stones of pride of aceh society. this stone is now a rock that is in great demand throughout the community. why I say so. because generally people in aceh already have jade wrists, each of which is at least one seed and there are more up to three seeds. But now this stone has become its own attraction. Even to certain peoples, such as businessmen, officials have become a trend. even if not wear it. as if his feelings there are less. not only that this stone has become a public favorite beyond the pulse of aceh. even to kemedan and also to sumatra island, java, kalimantan, sulawesi, and also irian jaya.

In fact, sometimes this stone becomes an exhibition arena, or also often held a kind of race. various kinds of various stones on display. here are some rock names that will be on display. these are the names.

Amethyst honey.
Diamond / Diamond = Diamond.
Amethyst = Amethyst.
Amethyst Tea = Smoky Quartz.
Amethyst Green = Prasiolite Quartz.
Amethyst Ice = Rock Crystal.
Badar Lumut = Green Jasper.
Ati Chicken = Red Jasper.
Badar Hornet = Petrified Sea Coral.
Emerald = Emerald.
Bornean Emerald = Green Obsidian.
Tiger Eye / Biduri Sepah = Tiger'e Eye.
Eyes of the Eagles [Pandan Warna Abu Abu] = Hawk's Eye.
Mirah = Ruby.
Red Delima = Ruby Star With Red Color Fill Pomegranate.
Red Emerald = Bixbite.
River Dareh = Idocrase.
Bacan = Chrysocolla.
Kalimaya / Moyo = Opal.
Jade = Jade.
Agate = Agate.
Pearl = Pearl.
Sapphire Water = Lolite.
Sapphire Australia = Kyanite.
Ruby Borneo / Red Borneo = Rhodochrosite.
Amethyst Hair / Cendana Hair = Rutilated Quartz.
Biduri Bln = Moon Stone [White Sheen].
Sea Bunny = Moon Stone Feldspar [Blue Sheen].
Cat's Eye = Cat's Eye.
Turquoise = Turquoise.
Laburador = Labradorite.
Quartz Rose = Rose Quartz.
Stone Blood / Dragon Sui = Blood Stone.
Biduri Surya = Sun Stone.
Blue Blue = Lapis Lazuli.
Yemen = Chalcedony Agate.
Meteor Stone = Tekstite.
Buntet Col = Petrified Shell.
Bandung Wells = Chalcedony Agate With Whirlpools.
Badar Emas = Pyrite.
Stone Stone Spritus = Chalcedony.

And also aceh jade is a lot of usefulness, among others, good for our health.Known since the days of ancient china not only as a decoration of gems but more to the benefits for health and luck, especially with the discovery of modern science about jade has a number of extraordinary properties that are not owned by other indiscriminate stones.

Indeed other natural stones such as onyx stone ruby ​​and quartz also have properties that can get rid of toxins, improve energy, overcome insomnia, help concentrate, overcome the problem of inpotensi. But the jade has advantages that other stones do not have, such as improving blood circulation, improving fertility, petrifying the healing and strengthening of the kidneys, accelerating wound healing and even metaphysically believed to protect its owner from negative blacks that want to harm so that jade is known with a stone of luck.

In addition, Aceh's jade also has the same benefits as jade in china, the superiority of jade aceh compared to jade in china is in terms of beauty and diversity of aceh jade is more diverse, it has been proven several times jade aceh memenagkan national and international contests.

Jade in China is very similar to nephite stone in Aceh, but the most popular stone in Aceh is jade solar and jade bio-fuel of Aceh and jade idocrase which is often also called the moss of aceh moss. The beauty of jade of Aceh is what makes it a prima donna among the lovers of precious stones.

For those of you who want to know in detail what exactly the efficacy of this Jade Stone Aceh,After reading the above description of course you will be able to easily understand the benefits of jade aceh this one because jade is not only useful for people who are sick but for healthy people is also very useful for mejaga health to stay fit and fit, I try to describe a brief conclusion about the benefits:
  1. Positive ion jade will facilitate digestion so that the body to absorb the nutrients of food to be utilized by the body. 
  2. Jade ions also boost immunity. 
  3. Neutralize toxins and even release toxins that harm the body. 
  4. Increase blood flow and maximize the absorption of oxygen in the blood. 
  5. Slows down premature aging and reduces the growth of cancer cells. 
  6. Metaphysically will also help the user to avoid various negative energy attacks such as witchcraft, witchcraft and jin interference because the jade emit a wave of positive energy that serves as a bulwark for the body. 
  7. Mental jade is also useful to cure bad habits and stress, insomnia and even other psychiatric diseases such as psychological symptoms and frustration. 
  8. Aceh jade is also beneficial for luck because jade is able to ward off negative energy that will come to its owner so that more positive energy in the proposed that leads to luck will continue with the jade owner. 
  9. Improving Fertility.
In the world of Chinese medical treatment, jade is commonly used as a medium to cure diseases by way of jade therapy, because jade is believed to increase the flow of chi or pure energy that makes people quickly recover and prevent the aging of the cells that make people stay young.

Benefits of Aceh Jade Stone.The jade of Aceh is well known to many jewel enthusiasts that, the efficacy of jade is very clear. Well, you are certainly familiar with this, jade as a jewelry to beautify the appearance. To further strengthen again there are some additions about the efficacy of jade aceh that is health and other jade can serve as follows: 
  1. Helps all the organs of the body to receive stimuli by training rigid nerve roots. 
  2. Streamlining the blood circulation with moxibation or heating in the blood vessels. 
  3. Can get dirty blood in blood vessels. 
  4. Release dirty blood clots around the bone by destroying them. 
  5. Slows down premature aging and reduces the growth of cancer cells. 
  6. Improves the relationship between the body and the nervous system by flexing the tight central nerves. 
  7. Positive ions in jade helps facilitate digestion so as to simplify the process of digestion or absorption of nutrients until the food will eventually be utilized by the body. 
  8. Jade ions also provide immunity in the body. 
  9. Increase blood flow and maximize the absorption of oxygen in the blood. 
  10. Mentally jade is also useful to cure bad habits and stress, insomnia and even other psychiatric diseases such as psychological symptoms and frustration. 
  11. Jade is also beneficial for luck because jade can ward off negative energy that will approach the wearer so potiflah energy that will excel to always give luck for the owner. 
  12. Increase confidence and fertility. 
  13. Infrared rays in the jade are able to sterilize and relieve heat, thus accelerating the activity of the digestive system. 
  14. Metaphysically will also help Si pemakianya to avoid a variety of negative energy attacks such as witches, witches, and jin interference, because jade emit positive energy waves that serve as a bulwark for the body.
When anyone or even you decide to have a jade of Aceh, ought to have some jade properties that have been delivered before you know. Because, it will be more useful if you use natinya as a jewelry or just as a collection. So Benefits of Jade Stone Aceh is important for a beginner in terms of collection of stones or lovers of gems. Hopefully with this information can add insight and you will be more wise in choosing gems that really barfaat for you.

Actually gems that have a high mineral content will have certain advantages. So now what is needed is to look attractive by using jade Aceh but also useful for ourselves. Benefits of Jade Stone Aceh is very diverse and a bit much has been proven by some users of this jade of Aceh. Sometimes there is also the assumption that, the efficacy of jade is only a myth or belief of a community group and then disseminated. once again we need to be careful with the issues circulating around us about the Benefits of the Jade Stone of Aceh and should we need to prove by searching for an accurate and reliable source of information. So when we are dealing with others natinya they asked this tengtang we can answer with the knowledge gained. Today there are many media that provide a source of reference about anything and want to find a way to do something. Return to each of us who will melakon because, every satisfactory decision is started from thought and consideration is mature. Until the end we also will feel it.

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