• This story tells a couple who has six children. 
  • One day, her husband saw his wife was crying while cooking food. 
  • Seeing that, the husband asked, '' Oh my wife, what happened to you, what made you cry, ''. 
  • "I am crying because I feel very tired in taking care of my family and doing all the homework," he said. 
  • '' I take care of our six children with their various temperaments. 
  • I have to provide food, clean up the house, wash a lot of clothes. 
  • I work 24 hours a day. I do not think I can do this anymore. '' The husband asked. 
  • ''What should I do.'' 
  • '' Please find me a female assistant who can help me take care of everything. 
  • '' Of course, I'll find him. But please listen to me for a while, 
  • '' Said the husband while caressing his wife with affection. 
  • '' God always helps his servant who never despair and sincerely in doing anything that is good. 
  • You are a very patient wife in taking care of your family, a mother who is a role model for your six children, and being my dear companion with the weight of your duties. 
  • I could have found an assistant to lighten your work. 
  • However, if you keep doing all the good for our family then God will wipe away all your wrongs and your sins. 
  • '' Said her husband. The husband then said again, 
  • "My dear wife, a woman who never tired of guarding her family and sincerely with what she does, Allah will set every sweat of her sweat into a goodness that can melt its ugliness as well as raise its degree. 
  • The husband stroked his wife who still sobbing with embarrassment, then invited him to sit in the kitchen room is very small simple, then the husband continued his advice, 
  • '' Remember the Wasiat Rasulullah SAW to Fatimah His daughter, who was edited by a very poor Ali Bin Abi Talib, who was also complaining to his father Rasulullah SAW because his once smooth hand had turned rough and scuffed because every day had to pounding its own grain, cultivating and cooking it.

 There are 10 WAKES Her to her daughter =

1. O Fatimah ''

Lo! A woman who makes flour for her husband and her children, God will set for her the good of every grain of wheat she has on her breast, and also God will melt the ugliness and increase her degree.

2. O Fatimah ''

Surely a woman who sweats when pounding flour for her husband and her children, Allah will make between hell and her seven veils of separation.

3. O Fatimah ''

Lo! The woman who lubricates the hair of her children and combs it and then washes her clothes, Allah will set her reward as the reward of feeding a thousand starving people and dressing a thousand naked people.

4. O Fatimah ''

Truly a woman who helps the needs of her neighbors, God will help her to drink Telaga Kautsar on the Day of Judgment.

5. O Fatimah ''

The more important of all the above virtue is the pleasure of the husband to the wife.

If your husband is not happy to you, then I will not pray for you. Know Fatima, The anger of the husband is the wrath of Allah.

6. O Fatimah ''

When a woman is pregnant, the angels ask forgiveness for her, and Allah sets for her every day a thousand goodness, and melts a thousand greed.

When a woman feels ill will give birth, then Allah will reward her for the reward of the warriors of Allah.

When a woman gives birth to her womb, then clean her sins as when she was born from her mother's womb.

When a woman dies of childbirth, she will not carry any sin, in the grave will get a beautiful garden that is part of the Garden of Heaven.

Allah gave him the same reward with the reward of a thousand people who perform the pilgrimage and umrah, and a thousand angels ask for forgiveness for him until the Day of Resurrection.

7. O Fatimah ''

When a wife serves her husband for a day and a night, with pleasure and sincerity, God will forgive her sins and dress her on the Day of Resurrection in green clothes, and set her every hair on her body a thousand goodness. Allah will give him the reward of a hundred times of hajj and umrah.

8. O Fatimah ''

When a wife smiles before her husband, God will look at her with a loving look.

9. O Fatimah ''

When a wife spreads the bedding for her husband with pleasure, the angels calling from the sky call upon her to witness the reward of her charity, and God forgives her past and future sins.

10. O Fatimah ''

When a woman anointed the head of her husband and combed it, anointed her beard and cut off her mustache and nails, then God would give him a beautifully packaged drink, imported from the rivers of heaven.

Allah will make it easier for him to die, and make his grave part of the garden of heaven. Allah sets him free from the torments of hell and can safely cross the shirathal mustaqim.

His wife was crying because she felt ashamed. Since then, he never complains again.

Subhaanallah, this testament is the most expensive pearl of value, especially for every wife who crave LOVE .. .. .. ..

How great and noble position of women in the household when he is willing and willing to live FITRAHNYA .. .. .. ..

Hopefully we can run this noble mandate .. .. .. ..

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